W.W.O.O.F. Week 3

Sunday, 14 June: Once again, it rained all day Sunday, but this time it wasn’t so much of a problem since Colin and I were planning on watching the new season of one of our favorite shows, Orange is the New Black, anyway. Although nearly fourteen hours of the show in one day was a bit much, I loved our lazy day.

Monday, 15 June: Pam and Dominique returned from Stratford in the early afternoon and we did some light weeding until dinner.

Tuesday, 16 June: It was an especially exhausting day of weed-pulling (that is, whatever we could pull that wasn’t flooded), but Pam made an excellent dinner of stir fry.

Wednesday, 17 June: Jason and Dominique left in the morning for an internship workshop in Stratford, so it was just me and Pam for most of the day. The morning was easy; I managed the sprouts and prepared the salad mix for the market. Part of the afternoon was spent, you guessed it, weed-pulling. Now that everything is in the ground, Pam says that the worst is over and most of our work will just be weed-pulling and pest control, but I beg to differ; weed-pulling is exhausting. Anyway, that didn’t last long because I had to help prepare for the market by putting the spices in jars and by making all sorts of labels. Jason and I took on the task of doing the London market by ourselves without Pam, so we spent part of the evening going over what to pack and things to remember.

Thursday, 18 June: Jason and I woke up bright and early to manage the London market. Our products this week included sprouts, beans, salad, hummus, peas, pesto and Thai spices. It rained throughout the day and our sales were few, but I enjoy going to the London market and enjoy the responsibility of hosting it even more. On our way back, we stopped in Exeter for gas and I decided to surprise Colin at work. He suggested that I come over that evening since Pam usually gives us the afternoon off after a morning of working at the market. Colin picked me up when he was done with work and we spent the evening together watching Arrested Development. It was nice to see him because I wouldn’t have gotten to spend time with him until the weekend if he hadn’t invited me over.

Friday, 19 June: We spent most of the day preparing for the weekend markets. In the morning, I watered the sprouts, prepared the spinach for the market and helped with some weeding. After lunch, I helped make the hummus and prepare the salad mix. After Pam and Jason left for Stratford, our day was more or less over.

Saturday, 20 June: After another exhausting day of weed-pulling, Dominique and I decided to turn in early. I had just enough time to eat, shower, water the sprouts and pack before Colin picked me up for a weekend at his house, starting out with a campfire with his family that evening.

Sunday, 21 June: Unfortunately, Colin had to work Sunday morning, but we still had an excellent day. We watched Arrested Development until our dinner date at a quaint restaurant in Grand Bend. We walked around the strip afterwards, admired the sunset and played a round of mini golf. To end our evening, we saw Jurassic World at the drive-in.

I’m now a little more halfway done with my W.W.O.O.F. experience so far and needless to say, it’s a lot of work, but I feel like I’m learning a lot and I’m glad I chose to take on this challenge. Time is flying by quickly with our busy days and I know I’ll be relaxing with Colin (and later, in Maui) before I know it.


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