A Day in the Life

A lot of you might think my life is pretty extravagant at the moment, and don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing opportunity, but a vast majority of my time is spent doing normal things. That is what I admire about a semester or academic year study abroad program compared to a summer program: you get more of an opportunity to live in a place more permanently rather than just feeling like you’re on a vacation. Just to remind everyone that I’m still human, here is what an average week looks like for me:

My class schedule varies week by week as I have alternating seminar and tutorial classes. I can have anywhere from ten to almost twenty hours of class time a week, or from two to four hours a day. The time before late lectures, between lectures and after lectures are spend doing things like studying, housekeeping, practicing Italian, working out, video chatting with friends and family back home and other various productive activities. Depending on what time my classes begin the next day, I may visit with my friends or go out in the evening. A typical night in usually looks like a movie (whether it’s in someone’s room or in a lecture theater through the film society) or a casual drink and catch up at one of the bars on campus. Occasionally, I will go out on the town to events like alternative music nights, local gigs and pub quizzes.

My weekends look similar, but, obviously, without the class time. I study, spend time with my friends, get chores done and chat with my friends back at home. About once or twice a month, I use the weekend for a trip, either international or local. This last Sunday, I bought tickets for a concert in London and ended up making a day of it, seeing some tourist sites I’ve missed before, you can read about my day in my updated Great Britain exploring post.

As you can see, most of my time here is spent doing thing you average twenty-year-old does, but, hey, at least I’m doing it in England.

One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. Loved the “typical Rachel day” blog. You’re creating lifetime memories. Don’t let envious friends in London or at home spoil this experience. Keep the blogs coming. Love, AC


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