Record Store Day

As you’ve probably collected by now, I love music, and as some of you know, I collect CDs. These days, that’s even more rare than collecting vinyl, I guess that makes me a true hipster. I’ve been building up quite a collection over the past several years, now amounting to nearly 200 CDs. I love collecting CDs because I like having something tangible to relate the music to and I enjoy having them signed, as well.

On this special day, I’d like to share some albums that mean a lot to me.

My first CD: In Search of Solid Ground by Saosin. As far as I can remember, this was my first CD (besides, you know, High School Musical and mix CDs my dad made me) in my early teens. I hadn’t listened to it at all before I bought it, but I quickly fell in love with this album. Saosin was the first rock band I was crazy about, a “gateway band,” if you will. Listen: Changing

My most recent CD: Heaven & Earth [EP] by Arcane Roots. After seeing them live in February, I’ve really gotten into Arcane Roots and picked up their most recent release a few weeks ago. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so I have yet to listen past the first three songs, but I sure can speak very highly of the first few tracks! Listen: When Did the Taste Leave Your Mouth

Favorite albums: Life Is Not a Waiting Room by Senses Fail. I will often site this as my favorite album of all time, because I’m convinced it is. While I could list some of my favorite albums ’til kingdom come, this is the end-all be-all. I got this and the rest of their discography signed when I met them in September 2014. Listen: Garden State

Electra Heart by Marina and the Diamonds. I like to believe this album has helped shaped me into the woman I am today. This album has its roots in empowerment, feminist values, independence, vulnerability, love and loss with the occasional pop anthem. Listen: Teen Idle

The Sufferer and the Witness by Rise Against. It was hard to pick just one favorite album by my favorite band, but this one stands out because it was also the first album that really got me into them. I got this CD signed when I met them in April 2015, along with the rest of their discography. Listen: The Good Left Undone

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New. Although I was convinced Deja Ententu was their best album for a long time, I had a change of heart when I got into Devil and God. For me, it’s a really emotional album that gives me catharsis when I need it. Listen: You Won’t Know

Common Dreads by Enter Shikari. While their album after this one (A Flash Flood of Colour) has some of my favorite tracks, this album as a whole will have to be my favorite. I bought this CD at Banquet Records in Kingston, where I returned a few months later to meet the band and get three of my CDs signed in November 2015. Listen: Wall

Honorable mentions: Artwork by The Used. This is what I call a good “sangry” album: something to listen to when you’re sad and angry. Although I’d day this album is one of their least popular, it’s not only my personal favorite by them, but one of my top albums ever. Listen: Come Undone

Hello Fascination by Breathe Carolina. Although I don’t listen to them as much anymore, I basically worshipped Breathe Carolina in high school (I feel so old saying that) and this album will stick with me for a long time. I got this CD and the rest of their discography signed at Warped Tour in August 2013. Listen: I Have to Go Return Some Video Tapes

Only Revolutions by Biffy Clyro. This is what I call a “perfect album:” there is not a single track on this album that I don’t like. They may not all be spectacular, but they’re all pretty damn good. Listen: Mountains¬†

Beggars by Thrice. This album is really calming to me and I think the lead singer (Dustin Kensrue) has one of the most amazing voices of all time. Listen: In Exile

What Separates Me from You by A Day to Remember. This is another “perfect album,” at least to me. Again, they’re not all perfect songs, but together, they all make for easy listening. I got this CD signed when I met them in April 2015. Listen: All Signs Point to Lauderdale

Unfortunately, I won’t be buying anything today as I’m not aware of any independent record stores near me that sell a good selection of CDs. Now that I have so many, I’m really particular about what I still want. But, if you’re into music (some stores also sell books, movies, video games, and more), go support your local record store and buy something!


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