What I Will Miss Most About England

Public transit: I love being able to go anywhere at any time, whether it’s into town by train or to the other side of the country by MegaBus. No such transit system exists in most places of the United States, certainly not Arizona. It was a privilege to have such convenient travel options. Although, the consist train delays we’ve been experiencing lately definitely won’t be missed.

Travel: In addition to convenient traveling within the country, it was also easy and affordable to travel to other European countries. With the airport only half an hour away by train, budget flights for as little as $50 and quick flights to the mainland, it was easy to explore almost a dozen different countries and experience their cultures during my time here.

Food: The stereotype that English food is horrible isn’t totally true… if you know where to eat! I will miss my favorite restaurants and the wide range of home cooked vegetarian meal options.

Nights out: Although I’ve never properly been on a night out in the United States, I struggle to think it can compare. With niche bars and pubs and a club for all tastes, nights out will never be the same.

Local weather and landscape: Let’s face it, I lucked out coming to Brighton. My university is surrounded by rolling, green hills, but I’m mere miles away from the city center and seafront. Although most days here were overcast, I strongly prefer it to Arizona weather (which is meant to be well over 100°F when I get back). Plus, when the weather is nice, there’s nothing like laying out on the grass and soaking up the sun.

People: This is the most obvious one. I’ve made amazing friends here, many of which will undoubtedly last when I go back to the United States. I became close with so many more people than I anticipated and built strong relationships including a romantic one, everyone will be missed.

I can’t believe I go back in a week, I’m not ready!


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