A Day In Brighton

Anyone who’s talked to me about my time abroad knows I love living in Brighton. Whenever someone, local or not, comes to visit, I always know what to do. Here’s what a typical day out looks like for those who do visit:

First and foremost: food. There is a wide variety of different types of food, including a large vegetarian selection. A few of my favorite places are Food for Friends (vegetarian), Burgers and Cocktails, Wahaca (new Mexican restaurant), The Breakfast Club and Terre à Terre (vegetarian).

Another great spectacle is Brighton’s iconic seafront. It’s especially lovely this time of year. You can relax on the beach, wait until the tide comes out and walk along the sand, enjoy a cold treat and visit the world famous Brighton Pier. On the pier, you can play at the arcade, enjoy the rides and see a panoramic view of the seafront.

Additionally, The Royal Pavilion is worth a visit. The Royal Pavilion is a building inspired by Indian architecture and is Brighton’s most notable landmark. In the summer, it’s a lovely place to sit outside and listen to street music, eat and soak up the nice weather. In the winter months, an ice rink is constructed and you can skate in the shadow of the brilliant building and enjoy a hot beverage afterwards.

Lastly, Brighton is also known for its niche independent shops in an area called North Laine, which are worth checking out. There is also no shortage of unique bars, clubs and local gigs and other entertainment for all tastes.

Near Brighton, there is London, of course, and Eastbourne, a great hiking place to see the South Downs National Park, including the iconic Beachy Head.

There is so much to love in Brighton and I will miss it dearly. This place has felt like home for the last nine months and I hope to move back after graduation!

One thought on “A Day In Brighton

  1. You have been so wonderful in all your correspondence. I have enjoyed reading every posting. I didn’t realize that you were so serious about living in the UK; however, I do recall asking you if you would like to live in the UK while we were on our trip and you said you would. May the Lord guide your walk. Love, Gpa


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