What’s In My Bag: Concert Edition

I just attended a concert (Streetlight Manifesto, to be exact) and thought I would share some essentials for concerts. For small, indoor concerts, I usually bring a wrist wallet or a under-the-shirt travel belt (not very stylish, but extremely practical for when things get rough). In there, you will find:

Phone, keys, ticket: Well, duh. I will often put my keys on a lanyard and tie them around my belt loop and put them in my pocket as I often don’t have room in my phone wallet for them.

If I’m taking public transit, I will also bring any transportation tickets, passes and headphones to pass the commute.

I.D., about $30 in cash, credit card: When I don’t bring my full on wallet, I bring the bare minimum, my I.D. for will call tickets, card I used to pay for them and additional money in case I want to buy merchandise.

Extra hair ties: In case my hair ties break during the performance. Having my hair down at a concert is a big no-no.

CDs and Sharpie: If I feel there is a good chance I will meet the band, I will bring alone some CD booklets for band members to sign! Especially after shows (in contrast to a planned signing), members might not always have a pen, so I always be sure to take my own.

Gift: If there is a good chance I will meet the band before the performance, I will often make them a gift, usually a painting.

If it is an outdoor, all-day festival, I will usually bring a few additional items:

Portable charger: After a long day of taking videos of performances, you phone is bound to lose juice.

Gallon of water and snacks: Because who wants to pay $5 for a water bottle?

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses: Don’t get burned by forgetting sunny day essentials and other weather appropriate materials (rain poncho, windbreaker, etc.).

These are all important to being prepared for a great concert experience. Stay safe!


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