This Week’s Recipes

Mini bagel dogs with cheese: I made six vegetarian hot dogs and it turned out to be a bit much for one person. Perhaps only make four or save the others for another time next time I make them. This recipe works just fine with vegetarian hot dogs, I just microwaved them from frozen before I put them in the oven. All in all, quite delicious.

Mushroom bolognese: I eyeballed this recipe to make for one person and it turned out quite well! However, it took a bit of time and could have gone with more tomato sauce.

Buffalo cauliflower tacos: This recipe is one of my favorites so far. It’s so simple and so delicious! I used chili hot sauce that wasn’t actually that hot and topped the tacos with cheese, avocado and blue cheese dressing.

Eggplant pizza: This was another one of my favorite recipes. It’s simple, quick preparation time (about ten minutes) and quite tasty!

Pesto pasta: I made this without the sundried tomatoes and the pesto was a little savory (maybe next time add lemon juice), but other than that, it was simple and delicious.

Layered ice cream pops: It was hard to get all the ingredients (especially the sticky ones) to make a flat layer, and I think it would have tasted better with chocolate ice cream.

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