Post Travel Blues

Although my days of frequent traveling are over (for now), it’s always on my mind. At least for me, personally, a few things about my lifestyle have changed since I’ve been abroad (aside from all the personal experience I’ve gained from it, of course).

Although I hate to be that person, I am aware it’s pretty much all I talk about. But let’s face it, living and traveling abroad has been my whole life for the past year, I can relate almost anything to it.

I spend more money on travel-related things. If I’m not booking another trip, I’m probably buying another vintage map, mini globe, travel accessory or suitcase I don’t need.

I now read almost exclusively travel books. That is, when I actually have down time. I’ve just finished one on long-term trip planning and destinations that Dan’s mom bought me before I headed home. I hope to next read a book on volunteering abroad.

I’m now constantly saving for and dreaming of my next adventure. Although it won’t be for a while (especially now I’m trying to save up to move to the United Kingdom), it’s quite exciting to think about all the places I want to go. There is nothing more I want to do than travel the world, even if it means missing out on a phone upgrade or nights out.

I can now recognize many geographic locations simply from pictures thanks to my European travels and travel books.

Not to mention, it’s also pretty cool to see European landmarks in movies and be able to say, “Hey, I’ve been there!”

My time abroad was incredible and although it sometimes makes me anxious that there’s a whole world out there that’s hard to see while I finish up my degree, I constantly remind myself that I have the rest of my life to travel.


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