One Year Ago…

A year ago today, I ended my two week east coast trip and prepared for my trans-Atlantic flight to the United Kingdom. I had a great time in New York, Philadelphia and Montreal.

My first stop was New York, where I stayed with my friend, Nick, in Yonkers. We hit many tourist attractions, with my favorites being the Statue of Liberty, Brand New concert in Cooperstown, seeing Les Misérables on Broadway and the Top if the Rock. You can read about my time in full here.

Then, after being delayed a day to due his illness, I met up with Pat in Philadelphia. Because he was sick and I was tired, we took things pretty easy, but I had a wonderful time. I most enjoyed meeting his friends and family and exploring both the city (particularly the Magic Gardens) and outlying parks. You can read about my time in full here.

Finally, I went to Montreal to visit my friend, Nina, again. We’ve been friends for quite some time and met up once in 2013. We had a great time exploring both familiar and new places. You can read about my time in full here.

On this day last year, I took a train from Montreal back to Yonkers. I enjoyed spending time with Nina and Pat, but Nick and I didn’t get on too well. Regardless, it was a good start for my study abroad journey. Those ups and downs prepared me for the obstacles in the year to come.


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