August In Review

I started August off in California with my family. My brothers and I visited my dad’s parents for a few days outside Los Angeles. It was wonderful to see them and catch up.

The next two weeks were spent working at Pizza Hut, Ross and my internship with a few trips to Phoenix. My first trip was for global guide training. As a global guide, I aide international students, first in general during the international arrivals week, then more personally with a mentee as the school year goes on. At global guide training, we were given a general guidelines on what to expect during the school year and information about the airport welcome. A few days later, I went back up to Phoenix for the airport welcome itself. It was a lot of sitting around, but we answered any questions international students had upon arrival. After that event, I picked up a personal friend I met at Sussex University, J.D., who’s studying abroad at Arizona State. I took him to his motel and we had dinner near campus (Mexican, of course). I returned home to work for another week until I moved into my university apartment.

I’m living off campus this year, it’s about a 15 minute commute to campus by light rail (including walking time). I have my own (furnished) room with a bathroom and walk-in closet and share a kitchen and common area with three other girls. My complex has a pool, gym, game room, movie rental and more! My good friend, Nolan, who I’ve known since first year and three girls from Sussex University studying at Arizona State for the year also live in my complex. Move-in day was stressful, but I’m glad to be settled in.

Now, for what I’m sure a lot of you would like to hear about: my mom. When I first came back from my study abroad program in mid-June, she had broken her shoulder, so she was pretty dependent, but still herself. However, I did notice it took her a bit longer to get sentences out and would often repeat herself. Once her should had supposedly healed, she was still rather dependent as she hadn’t followed through with physical therapy, thus hadn’t gained back muscle strength to use her shoulder again. Then about a month ago, she started getting really foggy. She wouldn’t make any sense when she spoke and struggled to recognize people and remember basic facts. About three weeks ago, she was admitted to the hospital. My dad has kept me posted on her condition, which ranges from sleeping most of the day and not responsive (only head shakes and nods) to responsive, but even when she speaks, she doesn’t make any sense. I visited her about a week ago and although it was a comparatively good day, she still didn’t make any sense when she spoke. This week, she was moved to a different hospital, where her condition remained unchanged (mostly unresponsive) and the doctors have yet to figure out what is going on.

Next month will consist of school, work, clubs and field work, I’m excited!

What I am listening to: California by Blink-182, Afraid of Heights by Billy Talent, Siberia by Lights, Separation by Balance and Composure, DECEMBERUNDERGROUND by AFI, Full of War by Conditions, 808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West, Badlands by Halsey, Planet of Ice by Minus the Bear

What I am watching: Star Trek Beyond, Jane the Virgin (season 2), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty Woman, Child of Rage, Black Swan, Suicide Squad, Role Models, Earthlings, Daredevil (season 2), Imperium, Love Actually, Secret of the Wild Child, My Penis and Everyone Else’s, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Jesus Camp

What I am reading: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max


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