One Year Ago…

Late September through early October was a very busy time for me when I studied abroad…

In late September, I took a trip to Amsterdam with two other girls from Arizona State, Jessica and Emily. This trip made me realize that more isn’t always merrier. We had our disagreements on what to do and where to eat sometimes, but the trip was still fun! My favorite parts was the boat tour and bike rides!

Later that same week, I went to Milan for a day to see my favorite band, Rise Against with my roommate, Ben. They put on an awesome show and I got to meet them (again) afterwards! That made it especially worth the trip. The next day, Ben and I enjoyed a short tour of the Duomo before flying back to London,

I did a bit of tramping around England during this time, too. First, I went to Southampton to see Senses Fail with my long-time friend, Alex. The show wasn’t the best, but it was an experience we’ve always wanted to have together.

I met up with another friend, Chris, in Bath. I was a bit underwhelmed with the city, but it was still nice to get out and explore my host country.

These were the first of many trips around Great Britain and I’m thankful I had so many friends willing to host me and accompany me through this great adventure!


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