This Week’s Recipes

These recipes are actually over the last few months, but since trying new recipes is few and far between for me, here’s a grand post!

Avocado spinach pasta: One of my favorite recipes thus far! I make it all the time, it’s so easy.

Vodka Red Bull Jello shots: These turned out so tasty, but I used about half a cup of vodka, two-thirds cup Red Bull and one pack of gelatin.

Peanut butter truffles: Although the recipe is simple (only four ingredients), I had trouble rolling the chocolate in the peanut butter (the chocolate would just melt). Still good nonetheless!

Creamy tortellini: I thought this recipe involved too many ingredients to turn out as bland as it did. However, I would like to try something similar in the near future.

Tofu and veggies in peanut sauce: This turned out a bit more bland than I would have liked, but it was still a good meal to last a few days.

One thought on “This Week’s Recipes

  1. Rachel, Always good to hear from you. Good to know you are taking an interest in cooking. I like to watch House Hunters sometimes and the one yesterday was an American couple moving to Brighton and shopping for a flat there. Found it very interesting and rather surprised at the reasonable price of a decent small place. we just came back from New York and that was a fun, exciting time (really good eating too!) We went to see the Accountant today and really enjoyed. By the way, have you seen Beautiful? We did on Broadway and it was exceptional. We are looking forward to seeing you (and Dan) soon. Love, Grandma and Grandpa


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