This Week’s Recipes

These recipes are actually over the last few months, but since trying new recipes is few and far between for me, here’s a grand post!

Grilled apple and brie sandwich: I tweaked this recipe a little bit: I excluded the bacon bits, used provolone instead of brie, added walnuts and used Italian bread. It actually turned out quite delicious! Although I made the mistake of preparing them as a lunch throughout the week and they did not keep well that way, I suggest eating them right when you make them.

Vegetable wrap: I ate this for a while (grilled zucchini, hummus, pine nuts, spinach, red peppers and red onion) until I realized I didn’t really like it. I’ll try for a solid veggie wrap recipe in the near future.

Deviled eggs: Predictably, this easy recipe worked out great.

Pappardelle with roasted winter squash: This was not as good as I hoped it would be. It was a bit on the bland side.

Skinny cauliflower mac and cheese: I altered this recipe a little bit, basically used non-fancy cheese, rather. It still turned out quite delicious.

Peanut tofu stir fry: I changed this recipe a little bit: as I don’t have a cheese grater, I served the veggies and tofu over rice. This has got to be the best peanut sauce I’ve ever made! This recipe is wonderful. It even tells you how to bake the tofu properly so it’s nice and crispy. I added broccoli, baby bok choy, carrots and green onions (although I’ll need a bigger pan if I try to do all that again). This recipe keeps well so it’s a great meal to make early in the week and reheat for an easy dinner on crazy nights.

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