Third Quarter Goals

I realize that I’ve been a bit too ambitious with my goals the first two quarters and that on top of school and work I can’t do it all, so here are my more practical goals for this quarter:

  • Stay on top of my reading assignments
  • Save 75% of my work paychecks for my move
  • Get academic help as soon as it’s needed
  • Use social media less
  • Don’t nap as often
  • Stay on top of this blog with three posts a month
  • Read for half an hour everyday
  • Listen to new music (two albums a week)
  • Get into a workout routine that includes running, stretching and weights
  • Volunteer once a month
  • Apply for graduate school programs in the United Kingdom (one a week)

I will make a post about how well (or not) I achieved these goals in March.


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  1. Joan Foster
    January 11, 2017 / 2:36 am

    Sounds like pretty realistic goals. You go girl!!! Sounds like more than I do. I love going to work. I love you and hope you achieve your goals and if not, don’t be discouraged.

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