This Week’s Recipes

These recipes are actually over the last few months, but since trying new recipes is few and far between for me, here’s a grand post!

Cauliflower buffalo wings: These were really good, but didn’t keep too well, I suggest trying to reduce the serving size or making them for 2-3 people.

Three ingredient cookies: The only difference I made was that I used brand name Nutella because I had it on hand, not vegan chocolate spread. This is a really easy and delicious recipe and a great way to use overripe bananas.

Winter lentil soup: This recipe was quite good, although I would have used a thicker tomato sauce so it’s less chunky with (more or less) whole tomatoes and less diluted when you add the water.

Olive and caper linguine: This was so delicious and it kept really well! Sorted out my dinner for the week. I used black olives instead of the Spanish olives described in the recipe.

Crepes: This simple recipe and easy-to-follow directions yielded awesome crepes! I ate them with Nutella and bananas and butter, cinnamon and syrup.

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