One Year Ago…

At the end of February of last year, I was lucky enough to go to three concerts in London to see some of my favorite artists. First, I saw Marina and the Diamonds with Ben and visited some tourist attractions while we were up, including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square (where they were filming Wonder Woman, set to release in summer 2017). Seeing Marina in a standing venue was a lot more fun than seeing her in a seated venue as I had the previous December. We had a blast dancing and singing along at the final show of a special tour.

A few days later, I saw The Used in London with my friend Dylan, where they played their most iconic album, In Love and Death, in full. It was also the lead singer’s birthday and I’m glad he let us celebrate with him!

A few days after that, I saw Enter Shikari in London at Alexandra Palace, a large, historic venue in north London. It was incredible to see an independent band fill a venue of ten thousand people with their music and awesome stage presence, including quadraphonic sound and a light show. Additionally, the show was recorded and a live album of this performance was released a few months ago so now I can relive that amazing show anytime I want!

A few days after that, I saw Enter Shikari again as they played a DJ set in Southampton. Ben, Dylan and I, coming from Brighton, partied through the night, met the band members, and took the first train back the next day.

Great music and great friends made for some awesome nights out last year!


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