University Essentials

After four years, I’ve come to appreciate a few items that have made university a lot easier:

Wireless mouse: This isn’t really a must, but it came in handy for my research (where I had to do touchy image analyses and my laptop trackpad just wasn’t cutting it) and I much prefer scrolling with it over my trackpad. Also, I can plug in my laptop to the television and not have to get up to change what I’m watching on Netflix.

Flash drive: I always keep it in my pencil case because you never know when you’ll need it! It comes in handy for presentations and a place to back-up important projects.

Lunch box: I spend most of my days on campus so to save money, I pack my lunch. It has gotten so many compliments and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it.

iPad: I bought my iPad a few years ago and I don’t leave for school without it. It’s a great alternative to bring up the lecture slides and papers during class if you don’t want to bring a laptop.

Planner: No matter how much you think you don’t need it, you probably do. Whether it’s a handwritten planner or a note on your computer, keep track of your assignments and due dates!

Portable charger: This saves me the anxiety of leaving my apartment when my iPad or phone is low on battery. I got a heavy duty charger for Christmas a few years ago and although it’s bulky, it lasts for ages.

Hydroflask: Especially in the Arizona heat, upgrading from a regular water bottle to a Hydroflask, an insulated water bottle that keeps liquid cool (or warm) for hours, was a turning point in my life (ice literally won’t melt for upwards of a whole day).

Earplugs: I’m a super light sleeper, so finding the right earplugs has let me sleep through many parties in my building and loud gatherings held by my roommates.

Bike: I only got my bike in the last six months, but it has been so much better than commuting by train. It’s faster, good daily exercise, gets me right to my lecture hall rather than the outskirts of campus (I probably walked at least a couple miles a day getting to my classes) and the weather has been lovely lately.


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