Senior Memory Book Throwback

In my senior year of high school, we had to make a memory book as an assignment. Although I dreaded it at the time, I really enjoy flipping through it every now and again. Now that I’m finishing my senior year of university, I thought I’d take a walk down the highlights memory lane and make something similar for my university graduation (in a separate post to come):

The first two chapters of my book were about elementary school and middle school, complete with cute pictures and drawings. One thing that really stood out to me was my mention of my first friend in middle school, Rebeca, who has recently passed away from cancer. Although we lost touch since, it was still surreal. On the bright side, in middle school, I met my now best friend, Sydney and my old best friend, Lucee.

The next chapters were about my high school years, where I made great friendships that are still alive today and was inspired by my science teachers to pursue it into university. Marked friendships made in high school were with Jared, Brett, Andrea, Nick, who I don’t speak to actively I still see at gigs often and Nina, who I met online and try to visit in Montreal every year or so. I got to see my favorite band, Rise Against, in California with Sydney my sophomore year, which is to this day the best gift I’ve ever gotten. Junior year, in my environmental science class, I learned about the horrors of factory farming and went vegetarian in November 2011 (you can read about my five year anniversary here) and more or less decided that year on my future academic path. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I struggled with depression my junior year of high school, making everything from getting out of bed to succeeding academically a struggle. Senior year was my best year; I did well in my classes, went out with friends and was getting excited for university. It was my art teacher’s first year and she was so nervous the first day of class, now, she’s an award winning teacher doing her best to make her students shine (and recently married to the boyfriend she always told us about!). I started dating my (now ex) boyfriend Colin halfway through my senior year through half way through my junior year of university. I opened one of my chapters with: “My middle school teachers, family and older friends always told me high school is the best years of your life. If that’s true, I hope I’m an exception.” In retrospect, high school wasn’t the worst, but it most certainly wasn’t the best. But let’s be honest, not much I’ve experienced so far can contend with my study abroad experience at university…

In another chapter, I talked about the love of my life, my dog, Bailey. We got Bailey, a border collie mix, in the summer of 2009 when I volunteered at a shelter to walk dogs and just had to have Bailey. I was afraid he would be adopted in the time it would take my parents to make their decision but sure enough, when we went back a week later to adopt him, he was still there. At just over one year old, he was a bit naughty when we first got him: whining in the wee hours of the morning, making messed and other mischief. Once he was housebroken and graduated training, he quickly became everyone’s favorite companion. He loves to swim, play tug, doing tricks, being brushed, having his bum scratched, walks, car rides, sleep and eat people food (his favorites are peanut butter and whipped cream). He truly has a unique personality and I can’t imagine my life without him.

I used two long chapters to write about music: one to talk about the concerts I’ve been to and another to talk about my CD collection. At the time, I have only been to about a dozen concerts, but they clearly had an effect on me! Today, I figure I’ve been to about a concert every other month since March 2011, so about 40 concerts total. I saw and met my then (and still) favorite band Rise Against twice in high school with Sydney (and others) and both gigs were a blast. My other favorite bands at the time included Senses Fail (who are still my favorite band), Breathe Carolina and We Came as Romans. Although I’m not too into the latter bands anymore, I’m still thankful for all the fun times I had at their shows and great fans I met through them. At the time, I had about 100 CDs. In my prime, I had about 200 CDs, but sold most of them because I can’t take everything with me when I move. I now have about 50 CDs, it was so hard to sell down to the bare minimum. At the time, my most recent CDs were Billy Talent I by Billy Talent, Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age and Mother’s Milk by Red Hot Chili Peppers and my favorite albums were Billy Talent II by Billy Talent, Living Things by Linkin Park, Lies for the Liars by The Used and Hold Me Down by You Me at Six. Last year for Record Store Day, I talked about my favorite CDs and albums if you would like a more updated version. At the time, I had about half a dozen CDs signed, but now, I probably have 20 or so autographed (one of the main reasons I love physical music so much!).

I love reading about my high school experiences and what I was into and how much things have changed (in a good way) since then.


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