Fourth Quarter Goals Revisited

At the beginning of this quarter in mid-March, I set some goals to finish my year strong:

  • Stay on top of my notes (review them over the weekend): I did a good job of keeping on top of the material as we went along.
  • Save 75% of my work paychecks for my move: I’m still committed to saving all I can (between 70-80% of my paycheck) for my move!
  • Get academic help as soon as it’s needed: I didn’t feel particularly lost this quarter, so this point doesn’t seem applicable
  • Start studying for tests a week in advance: Although some of my tests overlapped with work for other classes, I did my best to check my understanding of the material as we went along and looked for supplementary sources to futher my understanding.
  • Use social media less: I have been using Facebook and Twitter slightly less, but exploring blogs more (does that count?).
  • Don’t nap as often: I started off strong, but the quarter wore me down.
  • Stay on top of this blog with five posts a month: I’m really proud of all the posts I’ve been doing and how active I’ve been on here, finding new blogs!
  • Listen to new music (two albums a week): With less in-lab research (either doing it at work where I can’t listen to music or it was cancelled altogether), I didn’t listen to as much new music as I’d like.
  • Apply for scholarships (one application a week): With finals, I haven’t had time to apply for many scholarships.
  • Apply for summer jobs (one application a week): I started off strong but similar to the scholarships, school took over all my time and focus. However, I did end up getting a paid summer internship at the Arizona Game and Fish Department that I applied for a few months ago!

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  1. Charlene Redpath
    May 6, 2017 / 8:22 pm

    Everyone who knows you also know you have incredible drive and determination! Don’t forget to have fun. Love, AC

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