My View: Mancrimination

Recently, I’ve seen a series of photos depicting ways men* are discriminated against that women don’t experience, some even proposing that men are less equal than women.

I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll debunk the individual posters one by one (note this is movement is from an Indian online magazine and although the movement is asinine, please don’t make any negative comments about the grammar for those who don’t have English as their first language):

“You want gender equality? Take it. I don’t have to hold the door… hold the bags… give my seat.” No, you don’t have to do any of these things, but you should regardless of gender. It’s called being a decent person.

“So fair. When you slapped me I was wrong. When I slapped you I have anger issues.” Again, nobody should be hitting anybody regardless of gender.

“Even PRODUCT discriminate. Short men don’t have heels. Ugly men don’t have make-up. Stupid men can’t be blonde.” There is nothing stopping men from wearing heels or make-up except their fragile egos and hegemonic masculinity.

“We don’t discriminate against a pussy why do you? Small DICK, big DICK, fat DICK.” Actually, you do. A lot of guys are always on about a “tight pussy” and think vaginas can only look one way: naked as the day you were born with microscopic labias. This is the cause of a lot of labiaplasties in young women who are afraid of judgement.

“Let’s talk SEX. If I want sex, I am desperate. If you want sex, you are sexually liberated. If we want sex, then it has to be on your terms?” In this day and age, women are still shamed for being sexually liberated. If a woman doesn’t want sex, she’s a prude, if she likes sex, she’s a slut: a tale as old as time. Sex should be agreed upon by both parties so yes, if one participant doesn’t want to have sex or wants to stop, then I guess it is “their terms.” It’s called consent and you shouldn’t be sexually active unless you are well-versed in it.

“It’s a man’s world. “BULLSHIT. I don’t get free drinks, free entry or sympathy.” First of all, free drinks usually come with anything from exterior motive to date-rape drugs. Besides, free entry doesn’t make up for hundreds of years of oppression, unequal wages and lack of healthcare.

Men can’t experience sexism, but are discriminated against (I don’t know why men’s rights activists have to add “man” in front of everything) and there are plenty of real men’s issues out there such as disturbingly high suicide rates, frequent losses in custody battles, expectations to provide financially and much more. This “movement” is clearly grasping at straws by using weak arguments backed by pictures of known celebrity feminists. Feminism works to bring gender equality, it’s not just for women.

*Although I use gendered language in this article for simplicity sake, I understand there are more than two genders and acknowledge there are transgender, gender fluid, non-binary, intersex people as well as those who have yet to make up their minds.


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