Best “It’s Always Sunny…” Episodes

I have seen most of the episodes of It’s Always Sunny… more than I’d care to admit. Here is the end-all be-all list of the best of the best by season:

Disclaimer: this post may contain spoilers.

Charlie Wants an Abortion (season 1): Charlie uses a son he didn’t know he had to get closer to The Waitress, but it doesn’t go as well as he hoped. Mac joins the pro-life movement to pick up women and convinces Dennis to join him. This episode was the first one to really rope me in, establishing superior dry humor.

Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare (season 2): Dennis and Dee apply for welfare as a new source of income while Frank exploits those on welfare for his own gain. This episode spirals quickly out of control when Dennis and Dee get addicted to crack to prove they’re eligible for welfare and Charlie and Mac spend all of Frank’s money. This episode is the epitome of the ridiculous situations the gang gets into and how quickly and hilariously they can escalate in each half hour episode. (honorable mentions: The Gang Gives Back, The Gang Exploits a Miracle)

Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person (season 3): When Dee introduces her new love interest to the gang, Dennis remembers him from elementary school as a “special guy.” Dee refuses to believe this as she exploits him for his fame as a rapper. Meanwhile, Charlie, Mac and Frank set out to make their own band. (honorable mentions: The Gang Gets Whacked, The Gang Gets Invincible, The Gang Gets Held Hostage)

The Nightman Cometh (season 4): Charlie writes a musical play that the gang all acts in to win The Waitress over. This episode may be the best-known episode with its iconic “The Dayman” number. (honorable mention: Who Pooped the Bed?)

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System (season 5): Dennis shares his infallible system to win women over while Dee obsessed over if her new boyfriend is pulling the same system on her. (honorable mentions: The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention, The Gang Wrestles for the Troops)

Who Got Dee Pregnant? (season 6): After a drunken Halloween, the gang pulls together their very different versions of that night to figure out which one of them got Dee pregnant. (honorable mention: The Gang Buys a Boat)

Frank’s Pretty Woman (season 7): Frank want to settle down with a crack-addicted prostitute called Roxy, but Charlie tries to show him he can do better. (honorable mentions: The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore, Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games)

Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense (season 8): Frank and Dennis get involved in a car accident and they hold a “court” to decide who is responsible. (honorable mention: The Gang Dines Out)

Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare (season 9): While Dee and Charlie get suckered into a pyramid scheme selling healthy juice, Mac and Dennis try to find their way out of a timeshare they, too, got suckered into. (honorable mentions: Gun Fever Too: Still Hot, Mac Day, The Gang Squashes Their Beefs)

The Gang Goes on Family Fight (season 10): The gang goes on the It’s Always Sunny equivalent of Family Feud. I love episodes like this because you get to see them interact with “normal” people and get perspective on how truly narcissistic, ridiculous and psychotic they are. (honorable mention: Charlie Work)

Being Frank (season 11): Shown from the first person point of view, this episode takes you through a day in the life of Frank and his position in the gang amidst all the shenanigans.

Hero or Hate Crime? (season 12): Dee buys a lottery ticket with Dennis’s money, however, Mac finds it and Frank yells a slur to draw Mac’s attention to a falling piano only to have Charlie kick him out of the way just in time. The gang seeks legal help to figure out who the lottery ticket belongs to.

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