Product Review: Activity Tracker

While I train to walk the Camino de Santiago in September, I decided it would be useful to have a pedometer to track the distance.

First, I wasn’t too bothered for something fancy, so I settled for the cheapest one I saw at WalMart, which was this. After a few uses, I realized it wasn’t quite as functional as I wanted, so I returned it and ordered this better model from Amazon for the same price.

Similarities between the two watches include step tracker, distance tracker, calorie tracker, notifications, sleep tracker and reminders.

Differences in the two devices are mainly in the way the aforementioned features function. The step tracker on the first device was too sensitive: it would think I was walking when I was driving, which gets annoying when I have an hour round-trip commute everyday.  

Notifications work similarly on both devices: incoming and missed calls and text messages. The first device could also do e-mails, but the second device could do most forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and more. However, the one thing I like about the first device is that the text message preview on the watch was longer: about 50 characters, where the preview for the new device is only 20 or so characters.

Both devices have sleep trackers, but where the first device only tracked how long you sleep, the new device also tracks what type of sleep (awake sleep, light sleep and deep sleep).

Both devices allow you to set reminders, such as when to get up, when to go to sleep, when to take your medication and more. Additionally, the new device allows to set a sedentary alert, which notifies you every 15-80 minutes during set hours (the frequency and time frame of alerts is totally customizable) when you’ve been sitting too long, which is really helpful during those long days in the office.

Finally, a few features about the new device that I like are the interchangeable wrist bands, vertical display, no charging cable (the body of the device plugs right into a USB charger), high water resistance and active mode, where you set the watch to record your time, distance, steps and calories as you exercise.

I highly suggest this product to anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle! It’s affordable, accurate and the app interface makes it really easy to use.

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