Music Monday: Ten Covers by Rock Bands

For this installment of Music Monday, I’ve decided to talk about a select covers (in no particular order) made by rock (including post-hardcore, alternative, metal, pop punk… basically anything remotely resembling rock) bands I listen to.

Disclaimer: I did not consider any Punk Goes… albums. I much prefer it when bands cover songs in their own work rather than on a compilation. However, Boston Manor’s cover of “Heathens” (originally by Twenty One Pilots) from the latest Punk Goes Pop is worth checking out.

“Holy Diver” covered by Killswitch Engage (originally by Dio): Killswitch Engage was one of those bands I worshiped as a preteen. These days… not so much. But this cover is incredible nonetheless. Like a lot of these, my young, naive didn’t know this was a cover until someone told me, in this case, it was my dad. I feel this cover has more soul in the vocals and more engaging instrumentation  than the original.

“Enjoy the Silence” covered by Lacuna Coil (originally by Depeche Mode): This is another band I loved as a pre-teen but don’t actively listen to anymore. This version is not far from the original, replacing the electronic beat with a slight metal twist and female lead singer.

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” cover by Muse (originally by Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons): The jukebox musical Jersey Boys was at my work a few years ago and I loved it! I have listened to the soundtrack more times than I can count and thought the movie was a good tribute to the band and musical. Nothing compares to the selected ensemble in the original, but Muse does a good rock take on it and Matt Bellamy’s voice is especially sexy in this song.

“Chop Suey!” covered by Enter Shikari (originally by System of a Down): Any self-respecting rock fans knows this modern classic. Bold enough to cover such a well-known song, Enter Shikari still makes it their own with electronic undertones.

“Of Dust and Nations” covered by Architects (originally by Thrice): Thrice is one of my favorite bands and when I discovered a band I’ve been familiarizing myself with covered them, I was ecstatic. Not that I’m biased, but the Thrice version can only be described as a journey, but this cover does it justice in many ways. Nothing can compare to the energy and soul of Dustin Kensrue’s (Thrice) voice.   

“Institutionalized” covered by Senses Fail (originally by Suicidal Tendencies): This cover matches the mood for the album it was released with (Let It Enfold You). I feel Senses Fail enunciate more and add more soul to the song. Also, the original music video is so bad, it’s good.

“You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” covered by Dope (originally by Dead or Alive): From the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, American Psycho, this cover gives the song an updated 90’s-esque (yes, I’m aware the movie came out in 2000, but this song feels 90’s, that’s why I said “-esque”), nu metal version. However, the original is one of my favorite 80’s song, so I’m biased towards thinking no artist could totally do it justice.

“Ironic” covered by Four Year Strong (originally by Alanis Morissette): When I first got into Four Year Strong and bought a small selection of their songs, I immediately recognized this hit from their cover album Explains It All. This version adds a pop punk twist to this modern pop classic.

“I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” covered by Thrice (originally by The Beatles): I was originally going to use Thrice’s cover of “Helter Skelter”, but after seeing this in my YouTube suggestions, I couldn’t help by change my mind. Dustin’s falsetto voice makes this cover one of a kind.

“Any Way You Want It” covered by Rise Against (originally by Journey): Of course, it wouldn’t really be a music post without mentioning my favorite band, Rise Against. They nail this cover with raspy vocals characteristic of their first few albums.

“Titanium” covered by Icon for Hire (originally by David Guetta feat. Sia): I first heard this cover live when I saw Icon for Hire in May of 2017. With that, I could only find videos of live versions, so I apologize for the sound quality of the cover video. Although Sia has the biggest voice of any artist out there, Ariel Bloomer rose to the challenge and the band maintained the electronic identity of the original song while adding their own rock elements.

Three bonus pop covers worth checking out are “Bohemian Rhapsody” covered by P!nk (originally by Queen), “Starring Role” covered by Melanie Martinez (originally by Marina and the Diamonds) and “What’s Up” covered by Lady Gaga (originally by 4 Non Blondes).


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