My Social Media

On the right sidebar of my blog, I’ve added some links to my social media!

I’ll describe how I use each and you can follow (or not) as you please:

Pinterest: I’m starting to use Pinterest more actively again! Both to save links posted by others and post mine of my own (my Chrome bookmarks are piling up). I mostly post travel, productivity tips and vegan recipes!

Screenshot (45)

Bloglovin: I’ve also recently made a Bloglovin, an interface that allows you to follow blogs from all sorts of blogging websites. I’m still working on getting my own site up and beautifying it…

Screenshot (50)

… but check out some of the blogs I’ve found so far!


LinkedIn: It needs updating, but here is my professional profile!

Screenshot (53)

Snapchat: This is the best way to keep up with photos of my adventures and life. I don’t like to post them on here because I’m such a perfectionist, but I love posting on Snapchat!

Screenshot (55).png

Twitter: The big one. I decided to start using my Twitter more for blogging purposes now, but you’ll still get plenty of left politics, the vegan agenda, memes and music.

Screenshot (47)

I’ll be happy to follow/ add back anyone!

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