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As a graduation gift, my parents gave unto me: a trip! My dad and I wanted to go somewhere in Central America, but with my passport M.I.A. while I got my visa, we had to settle for something in the United States (first world problems, I know). With that, I decided I would love to return to New York after my awesome trip there before my study abroad program in 2015 and visit Washington, D.C. for the first time, as well. My dad has taken both my brothers there as a high school graduation gift, so now I’ll finally get to see it for myself! But that comes later…

Tuesday, 29 August: After a long day of travel, we landed at 5PM local time. After the hour drive to our AirBNB apartment not ten miles away, we were in no mood to brave the rain and do something proper.

Wednesday, 30 August: Our first proper day started off bright and early at the High Line, a park built on old train tracks that extends twenty blocks south on Manhattan’s west side. We walked the entire length, which was about a mile and a half. Then, we did a quick walk through of Times Square. After that, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side to the Brooklyn side. After freshening up, we went to see Kinky Boots near Times Square. It’s my favorite musical (I saw it when it came to my old job a few years ago as well as twice in London) and the cast was spectacular! Finally, we walked around Times Square once again to experience it at night. It was definitely a lot more crowded and all the screens lit it up like it was daytime.


Thursday, 31 August: First, we went up the Empire State Building, the views were great! Then, we took a walk through Central Park heading north from the very most southern part to The American Museum of Natural History. It was spectacular! I wish we had more time in there, but they were closing down after we walked around for a few hours. My favorite exhibit was the reptiles and amphibians! After that, we went to a dine-in movie theater in Williamsberg where we saw Logan Lucky, a film about two brothers that pull off a heist during a NASCAR race. I liked the movie a lot and have never experienced a dine-in movie theater before! I was particular fond of the peanut butter and jam sundae I had.


Friday, 1 September: First, we went to the Brooklyn Heights promenade, a walkway on the East River that has great views of Manhattan, for a couple of miles. Then, we went to the Museum of Food and Drink (also in Brooklyn), where they had on an exhibit about Chinese food in America… and all the fortune cookies we could eat! After that, we took the ferry from North Williamsburg to Wall Street, where we took the Staten Island Ferry to (you’ll never guess) Staten Island for the sole purpose of getting a free glace at the Statue of Liberty. Then, we walked around the financial district, seeing the stock exchange and the bull, and wrapped up by getting dessert at Junior’s, a famous local spot.


Our time here has been amazing! My highlights were definitely The American Museum of Natural History, Kinky Boots and the Brooklyn Heights promenade and my dad was particularly fond of the Brooklyn Heights promenade.

We’re heading to Washington, D.C. tomorrow bright and early!



  1. September 4, 2017 / 3:46 pm

    I’m so jealous did you get to see Kinky Boots!? The ferry sounds amazing to do as well. Wow a dine in movie that’s so interesting I like the sound of that movie too. This sounds like an amazing trip!


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