My View: Liberals vs. Conservatives on Nazis

Welcome back to the continuation of my unsolicited opinion on white supremacy in the United States.

In my last post, I talked about the removal of Confederate statues and Trump’s reaction. In this post, I will react to what the partisan parties are saying and how “free speech” doesn’t exempt you from getting your ass beat if you’re a literal Nazi.

Like I mentioned in my last post, there is no gray area on this issue: you either completely oppose acts or racism or you don’t. Conservatives are the first to defend the freedom of speech regardless of the issue… that is, of course, unless you have anything critical to say about Christianity, white people or men, then all hell breaks loose. The first amendment states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, which means the government can’t take action against your speech, but that doesn’t allow you to spew hate without retaliation.

Conservatives use freedom of speech as their last refuge for their irredeemable shitiness. People have to take responsibility for their beliefs and be able to back them up with logic, not a piece of paper written over two hundred years ago. Conservatives are also saying that these white supremacists are not representative of their party. But if you support a president that doesn’t condemn white supremacy, you’re okay with this horrid display of racism and thus, racist. Finally, conservatives are comparing white supremacists demonstrations to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. These groups resort to violence and direct action against white supremacists because the police fail to do so. Where white supremacists believe that everyone who’s not white deserves to die, these groups stand against racism, fascism and capitalism, which I would say is a pretty worthy cause.

On the other hand, you have the liberals, who have been saying things like “this is not America” and “I can’t believe this is happening in 2017” as if our country wasn’t founded on racism and white supremacy hasn’t been obvious in our schools, hospitals and workforce. Tina Fey’s bit on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago is textbook liberalism: ignore the problem and it will go away, take the piss out of it on washed out late night comedy shows and just eat cake because nothing is funnier and quirkier than a conventionally attractive white woman stuffing her face. Not to mention, using “pussy” as an insult and calling for “all sane Americans” is anti-feminist and ableist, respectively. But hey, it’s okay because it’s funny, right? Another liberal icon is Laci Green. I’ll be the first to admit I used to love her sex education videos on YouTube and learned a lot from them, but recently, she’s shown her true colors as the worst kind of liberal by saying that Nazis aren’t bad people and that it is not our place to condemn Nazis. Liberals are trying to find a middle ground between racism and anti-racism by collaborating and sympathizing with Nazis. Liberals fail to address the root of the problem, no matter how much they think they’re affecting change.   

Note: this is a queued post.

One thought on “My View: Liberals vs. Conservatives on Nazis

  1. I have commented on a couple post on this blog. I am going to pass on this one because it is so poorly presented that it is difficult to understand any logical position the writer it attempting to make.

    But I will make the observation that there is a level of bitterness here that is unhealthy.

    It’s very sad that such a young person is so willing to condemn so many with so little knowledge.


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