This Week’s Recipes

Welcome back to a vegan version of my cooking!

Vegan blackberry basil and ricotta sandwich: This turned out pretty well! The “cheese” takes only a couple minutes to make and the sweet toppings of blackberries and syrup complement the cheese well! Such an easy lunchtime meal: I can just make a bunch of this and store it for the week to spread on a sandwich.

Vegan eggplant parmesan: Two words: A-MAZING! This is simple, quick and so, so tasty! I’ve made it twice more already and my non-vegan roommate loves it too!

Asian garlic tofu: So great and easy! I usually prefer my tofu a bit harder, this soft tofu is so succulent!

Peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies: Really great! Although at the grocery store, I couldn’t find any vegan chocolate chips, so I just went with normal ones.

Garlic mushroom quinoa: With me, you can’t go wrong with mushrooms, but this could have been more filling and a little better tasting.

Creamy asparagus pasta: I kind of messed up the sauce so it was pretty flavorless, but the simple ingredients added texture to the pasta and the asparagus complemented it well!

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