My Ten Favorite Posts

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for a bit over two years! Anyway, for those who are (relatively) new, here are some of my personal favorite posts I’ve written:

Travel and study abroad

  • Top 250 Global Attractions (from 03/2017): Although I’ve been a few places since (particularly in Washington, D.C.), this quiz is really fun and a great way to survey how much of the world you have seen and prioritize things you’d like to see on your next trip!
  • Study Abroad Masterpost (from 08/2017):  Okay, so this may be cheating putting a favorite post as a compile of posts, but I couldn’t resist! I’m very proud of compliing all this useful information for current and future study abroad students. If I had to pick one, my favorite post from this lot would have to be United States vs. United Kingdom: University (from 01/2016).
  • 15 Travel Questions (from 11/2017): I posted this recently and I’m really proud of it! A short post that encompasses travel highlights from the last five and a half years!
  • Camino de Santiago: Portuguese Coastal Way (from 09/2017): From my most recent travels, I’m really proud of the way I kept track of highlights, lowlights and finally got over my anxiety of posting pictures on posts!


  • 20 Facts About Me (from 08/2017): While people who don’t know me well just see a university student and traveler, there’s a bit more to me than that like my pet peeves, family, the fact that I can ride my bike with no handlebars and more! I might add on to this post soon!
  • Music Monday: Ten Covers by Rock Bands (from 08/2017): I enjoy writing a music post every month, but this one was especially fun! It was nostalgic as most of these bands I listened to in my early teen years and it was also awesome to hear bands I like cover other bands I enjoy (for example, the Architect’s cover of “Of Dust and Nations” by Thrice).
  • Don’t Tell Me to Relax (from 07/2016): This was my first real post about anxiety, when my summer job last year was extremely frustrating and my boss would tell me “just relax.” It doesn’t work like that.
  • Five Years of Vegetarianism (from 11/2016): Reading this now, I realize this week is my six year veggie-versary, wow! This post is about why I went vegetarian (and now mostly vegan) and reasons you should consider cutting back on your consumption of animal products, too.
  • Last Day of Work (from 05/2017): During my entire undergraduate degree, I worked at a professional musical theater and it was incredible! This posts reminisces on how awesome my job was and how much I’ll miss my coworkers.
  • New Job (from 06/2017): Over summer, I got an internship with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, dabbling in all sorts of things such as field work, education and outreach, surveys and so much more. This post talks about my training and first week on the job, which turned out also to be typical week throughout the whole summer.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters.


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