Memory Board Tour

Since my early teens, I’ve made a point to hang a cork board filled with memories above my desk! It’s one of my favorite things in my room and always catches the eye of visitors. Follow along with the key on my board (at the bottom of the post) to see what’s what!

  • Polaroid pictures: These always turn out so cute! I have six pictures scattered throughout my board (light blue) of myself and my best friend Sydney (#4), myself and Diego (#6), myself and my dad on the Brooklyn bridge (#5), two pictures of Arizona State University campus (#1 & #3) and one of my dog, Bailey (#2).
  • Rise Against “corner”: Actually, it takes up a good third of the board (red), but I couldn’t resist remembering such an amazing night from when I saw them in April! The signed album flyer (#1) was being passed out and after the show, I grabbed the setlist (#2) from the stage and got it signed by the band. Additionally, I have a drink wristband (#3) with the venue (Troubadour) name on it and a ticket (#4) from when I saw them in London last month
  • Enter Shikari corner: I have (orange) the setlist from the Take To the Skies Tour (#1), a signed ticket (#2) and an additional ticket from their most recent tour (#3).
  • University: From university (yellow), I have a few business cards of contacts I would like to have in the back of my mind (#6), a C.A.C.S.C.B. sticker (we couldn’t get rid of them fast enough) (#1), my graduation tassels (both from high school and my Bachelor’s degree) (#2 & #3), student representative information (#5) and a visitor’s pass from the Natural History Museum tour (#4).
  • Work: I have (light green) a souvenir claim check tag from working at Gammage theater for four years (#1) and a small discarded identification tag from the International Wildlife Museum where I interned over summer (#2).
  • Family: I have (dark blue) an old family picture of my immediate family (#1) as well as a bookmark in my grandpa’s memory (the glare off it is horrible, my apologies!) (#2).
  • Concert tickets: This barely scratches the surface of all the shows I’ve been to, but on display (purple), I have Blink-182 (#1), Brand New (#2), Fall Ball/ K.F.M.A. Day (local festival in Tucson) (#3), Thrice (#4), Foo Fighters (#5), Streetlight Manifesto (#6), Arctic Monkeys (#7), A Day to Remember (#8) and Lady Gaga (#9).
  • Miscellaneous music: I have (dark green) two digital music claim codes (I Fight Dragons and Plini) I inherited from Diego’s vinyl purchases (#1), but in all honesty, I probably won’t use them. I also have wristbands from The Crescent Ballroom and The Nile  (Phoenix, Arizona) from when I saw Biffy Clyro and Enter Shikari, respectively (#2). Finally, I have stickers from the Amoeba record store in Hollywood (#3) and a Senses Fail V.I.P. pass from 2014 (#4).
  • Post-It notes: To stay on track of university, I have (grey) schedules for miscellaneous paperwork due in for my dissertation (#1) and my literature review (#2). Additionally, I have my house WiFi password (#4) and a list of low priority things to do if I get bored (#3).
  • Miscellaneous: Other bits and bobs include (pink) my pen pal’s address (#1), business cards of tattoo and piercing shows shops where I’ve got work done (#2, #3 & #4) a Brighton postcard (#5) and last but most certainly not least, adoption papers for my dog, Bailey circa 2011 (#6).


Photo by Alexandra Gorn.



    • December 16, 2017 / 11:26 pm

      Hahaha! I have to redo mine once every six months or so to keep it from getting too crowded or out of date!

  1. December 16, 2017 / 10:33 pm

    Your board looks awesome, tempted to do one for my bedroom!

    • December 16, 2017 / 11:27 pm

      Thank you! It’s nice to look up from my university work and relive some awesome memories in the middle of stressful times!

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