Blogmas: Anti-Wishlist

Inspired by Melanie With An Ie, I decided to make an anti-wishlist, or list things I don’t want for Christmas that others seem to be raving about.

The latest Apple gizmo: I used to count down the days (okay, maybe not literally) until my two-year phone contract was up to replace it. But now, I’ve had the same trusty phone (iPhone 5s, remember those?) since April 2015 and it still runs great!

Jewelry: It really escapes me when I still get the occasional gift of jewelry. I never wear jewelry and when I do, it’s usually a simple necklace or choker. If I don’t specifically ask for it, assume I won’t like it.

Make-up and beauty products: I’m not a beauty guru. I wear minimal make-up and don’t have much of a skincare routine (even though I probably should). I did ask for a few Lush products, but other than that, I’m not eager to change up my non-existent beauty routine with new products anytime soon.

Clothes: Actually, I could always go for some new clothes, but I rarely shop for clothes online bar t-shirts. I especially don’t need lingerie (as of two years ago, I rarely wear bras), shoes or pajamas. I like to try clothes on in the store to see how the fit on my body and I’m also quite picky.

Travel gear: Surprisingly, I’ve got all I need… for now. I would like a better backpacking pack, but I don’t use it enough to justify getting another one anytime soon. I would also be interested in a better travel adapter set, but mine will do for now.

CDs and books: Although I love CDs and books, with moving to the U.K. and hoping to lead a more minimal lifestyle, I’ve tried to limit what books (I try to read the books I already have or use the library) and CDs (Spotify has been good to me) I actually buy.

So what did I ask for? Funny you should ask. I literally just asked for money from my parents but my dad was having none of it and told me to ask for at least some things I could open. I asked for:

  • Minus the Bear, Lana Del Rey and Arcane Roots CDs
  • Flag pins
  • Spotify for a year
  • Primark gift card
  • Travel poster
  • Lush face mask
  • Compass bracelet
  • Architects shirt
  • Vietnam poster (a tubular package has already arrived at my house, I wonder what it could be…)

Photo by: Rodion Kutsaev


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