December In Review

What a way to close out the year!

From mid-November to mid-December, I was in a permanent state of stress over university work (well, more so than usual). From my year abroad, I learned that you’re assessed much harsher in the U.K. than in the U.S. and you have assignments worth your whole mark. Even though I was only in two modules (Research Foundations and Basic and Advanced Conservation Biology), my workload was immense. For Research Foundations, to get my toes wet on my dissertation topic, we were expected to submit a 3,500 word literature review (not including references, text boxes and tables, which were another at least 1,500 words) and some formative dissertation forms such as an ethics review and risk assessment. For my conservation module, we had five 200-word essays (which I worked on throughout the term, making it so I had minimal work this month) and a practice grant application. Through blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears), I submitted my assessments a few days early, mostly content with my work, but knowing my brain couldn’t take any more.

Amidst the stress of university, Diego and I took a break for a fantastic date night, sponsored by my dad. We went ice skating at the Royal Pavilion (he only made us fall once) and had a delicious meal at V.I.P. (Very Italian Pizza). It was lovely! Especially since the weather wasn’t too cold. Sadly, after our deadlines and gift exchange (he got me a candle and new dressing gown), I had to say goodbye to Diego for three weeks as he went home to Spain for the holidays. I miss him!

Work has been going pretty well. Last month, I started a job at a pub and even my bosses notice I’m really starting to get the hang of it (having never worked a pub job before) and beginning to find my place in our small staff. I enjoy it (as much as one can) and love the hours and flexibility it offers me.

For ten days over Christmas, rather than going home, I took a trip to Cairo and Hurghada, Egypt for a LiveAboard experience.

I will return from my holiday this morning. I’m swinging in the new year with work and not much else on my plate until the new term in February.

Happy New Year!

December In Review 2017

What I’m listening to: Made of Bricks by Kate Nash, Xeno by Crossfaith, Material Control by Glassjaw, Offworld by Celldweller, The Difference Between Hell and Home by Counterparts, After Laughter by Paramore, Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey, I Am King by Code Orange

What I’m watching: The Help, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season 5), Jane the Virgin (season 4), all things Louis Thereoux

What I’m reading: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

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