Goals update #01

Usually, I’m not one to set long-term goals. I much prefer setting shorter term goals (usually for every few months) to be able to keep track of them and stay on task. However, I think I’d like to set up more “big picture” goals and have my year revolve around that.

First, here’s what 2018 will bring me:

  • University: First and foremost, as a full-time student, it goes unsaid that university will be my primary focus. Unlike most students, as a Master’s student, my school year goes through the summer as I write my dissertation and gather the majority of my data once lectures are through. My dissertation presentation is due in July and the final work is due at the end of August.
  • Work: While I’m at university, I hope to maintain my job working part-time at a pub. I love it there, the flexible hours are great, the work is usually (relatively) stress-free. However, I will look around for part-time jobs more relevant to my degree as they will give me experience and probably better pay.
  • Travel: I have one definitive trip set up; my university field course to South Africa in April.
  • What now?: After I graduate in September, I have no idea what I’ll be doing after. I hope to stay in the U.K., preferably Brighton, but I have to be flexible and realize that may not be possible. When job hunting, I will also look at jobs back in the United States, but not Arizona. I would like to live in Brooklyn, Seattle or Chicago if the whole U.K. thing doesn’t work out.

Here are a few measurable “big picture” goals I would like to accomplish:

  • Travel to three new countries: Undoubtedly, my big trip will be to South Africa. Funds depending, I would also like to go to Thailand. It’s been on my bucket list for years and now that I’m scuba certified, I can explore above land and under the sea. I will probably stay in Europe for the other two trips and one will almost definitely be to Spain. Diego’s parents moved back to Madrid so I might pester him to tag along if he visits them for a weekend. As for my final trip: either Iceland, Turkey or Belgium are high on my local list.
  • Travel to three new U.K. destinations: On my year abroad, I got to go to a lot of different cities. Since I’ve moved back, I haven’t even gone to London for a fun day out. I would like to visit Cardiff, Liverpool, Cambridge and Kew Botanical Gardens at some point next year.
  • Attend one football game, one hockey game and one musical: Both during my year abroad and this year, I live a stone’s throw away from the Brighton & Hove Albion football stadium… but I have yet to be to one home game! I’m not the biggest fan of football, but I think it would still be fun! Diego and I are both really into hockey and hope to make it to some sort of match in the near future. Finally, I hope to see a musical I haven’t seen before this year on West End, hopefully The Lion King.
  • Visit home: If I end up getting a working visa and staying in the U.K., as much as I enjoyed my holiday this past Christmas, I will visit home for Christmas 2018. If I end up moving back to the states, my visit home might be sooner and more frequent.
  • Get a pet: One way or another, I will probably be locked into a long-term job by the end of the year. With that, I would like to get an animal companion. It will most likely be a docile, friendly cat over the age of five, a small dog over the age of six, a snake (ball python) over the age of ten or a few rats. I want minimal work and an older cat seems like the best option at this point in my life.

Finally, here are a few goals I’d like to strive for this term:

  • Work between 20-25 hours a week
  • Choose five possible career paths
  • Visit an academic adviser once every other week
  • Go to a football game
  • Go to a musical
  • Meet up with Buddies once a month
  • Message my friends (especially back home) and family more
  • Travel to one new U.K. city
  • Run thrice a week
  • Stretch for five minutes everyday
  • Limit myself to one cheese and one egg meal, one chocolate bar and three sodas a week
  • Limit myself to dining out (or, more likely, ordering pizza) once every other week
  • Read two books a month
  • Listen to new music (two albums a week)
  • Complete a new T.V. series

Happy New Year and best of luck with your resolutions and goals!

Photo by Ian Schneider.



  1. Charlene Redpath
    January 3, 2018 / 9:48 pm

    It’s going to be really interesting to hear where your best job/career opportunities are when you finish school. I know you’ll make the right choice! Hope it’s close to “home”. Love, AC

  2. January 13, 2018 / 8:29 am

    How exciting that you’re coming to South Africa. April is a good time, too. Hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂

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