Mid-January Favorite Blog Posts

I’m going to start sharing my favorite blog posts by other bloggers! At first, I wanted to do this seasonally… then bi-monthly… and now we’re up to monthly. I can’t keep up with all the great content out there! I’ll be posting them in the middle of the month as the end of the month is usually dedicated to my month in review post. This post will be longer than my future post as this is my favorite posts from the last month and a half (since December 4th to be exact) and I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to read.

Don’t get me wrong, I saw some great posts this months, if I “like” your posts or comment, that means I really enjoyed them! These are just the best of the best.

Note: favorite Blogmas and other seasonal posts are complied in a post here.

Here are my top five posts from all categories:

  1. Why hummingbirds are so cool!: In my undergraduate degree, I helped Ph.D. student (then candidate) Rick on his work on courtship patterns in hummingbirds. Between the hours of often mind-numbing work (sorry, Rick!), it’s easy to forget why we’re doing this and how amazing these little birds are.
  2. How to travel the world with a 9-5: So much yes. The author talks about how travellers demonize the working stiff and how, similar to myself, he has no desire to constantly be on the move. Balance is important and I look forward to having a fulfilling career as well as exploring new places. Also, this guy has been to North Korea, say what?!
  3. 13 travel resolutions for 2018 that aren’t destinations: Like the 12 Countries on Our 2018 Bucket List post (below), this post does provide great inspiration and alternatives you can do at home in lieu of expensive travel.
  4. 7 reasons I was miserable walking the Camino (but why I’d definitely do it again): So relatable. For those who may not know, I aimed to walk the Camino from Porto, but was far too ambitious and only made it halfway after pushing my body so hard. However, it was a good learned experience and I hope to return to finish someday soon!
  5. Blogger Love: Such a sweet idea! I would love to do this as well to promote small bloggers with content I love.

Here are some more posts I especially enjoyed:

Science, sustainability and veganism

General travel

  • Best advice for your first time travelling solo: Great piece, I completely agree with all these points.
  • 8 ways to get over your post-travel blues: I also love telling people about my trips.
  • 12 countries on our 2018 bucket list: Not a chance this will happen for me. However, this post does provide great inspiration and alternatives you can do at home in lieu of expensive travel.
  • 20 places I loved so much, I can’t wait to go back: Great to hear favorites from other travellers to plan my next trips. Also, my home state of Arizona got a shoutout!
  • My 2017 round up: I love seeing travel years in review. This post especially made it personal by including non-travel bits and bobs in the mix.
  • Looking back at 2017: Another favorite travel round up. I love the voice this author uses in their posts; it makes it seem really genuine and like I’m their best friend hearing these stories unfiltered. Plus, gorgeous photos.
  • On the Luce in 2017: One final travel year in review, including our mutual home country of the United Kingdom and adventures abroad by one of the first proper blogs I followed!
  • The first-timer’s guide to skiing: It’s not my first time, however, it’s been so long it might as well be! I hope to take an international skiing trip at some point and this blog post will be a really handy resource!
  • Blaze Wear explorer jacket: My hesitations with travelling to colder destinations if the lack of proper, portable gear. This jacket sounds like the answers to all my problems!
  • 7 travel trade secrets: Take it from a former travel agent, agencies aren’t out to get you and can actually be really useful.
  • The ins and outs of flying standby: I’ve never considered flying standby as an option, but it seems like a great choice… if you can handle the stress, that is!

Travel destinations


Photo by Andrew Knechel.



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