10 Tourist Sights I Regret Missing

Taking in all the study abroad and other travel posts from the semester, I realized there were some things I’m dying to do in places I’ve already visited, but didn’t know about or didn’t have time.

Here are some things I would most like to do if and when I revisit some of the places I’ve already been:

Sacrè-Coeur (Paris, France): How the hell did I miss this one? It was a stone’s throw away from my hostel. I guess since it was so close, I thought I could do it any time… until my week ended quicker than I expected.

Palace of Versailles (Paris, France): Again, too much wine and not enough being tourists. My brother quite liked this and I regret putting it so low on my priorities.

Climb up the Campanile (Venice, Italy): I would have loved to get a bird’s eye view of the city, but didn’t have enough time and planned poorly.

Museum Island (Berlin, Germany): If you’ve been around long enough to read my 20 Facts About Me post, you’d know that I’ve never been a huge museum person. But, I recently read a post on the Natural History Museum in Berlin and it sounded super interesting. Also, the history surrounding the Holocaust really interests me and I really enjoyed all the historical walking tours I got in the city so who knows, there’s probably more on the island for me than just natural history!

Capri day trip (Naples, Italy): I regret not going on a day trip to the island of Capri when I was based in Naples. I was worn out from a week of intensive travel since and must have decided to take it easy the day I was considering going to the island. Oh, well.

Christianshavn (Copenhagen, Denmark): Amidst the pristine, perfect Danish culture, I wish I got around to visiting this alternative “hippie” area.

Ellis Island (New York, United States): I went on a tour of the Statue of Liberty on my trip in 2015, which included Ellis Island, but my mate and I were running late to our ticketed next activity so we gave it a skip. It would have been cool to walk in the footsteps of the earliest settlers back when the U.S. was the land of opportunity for immigrants and not… well, I don’t have many nice words for the state of the country these days.

Library of Congress (Washington, D.C., United States): My dad and I did a lot on this trip, not to mention we were limited with availability going over Labor Day weekend. But in retrospect, one thing I regret missing is the Library of Congress (National Treasure, anyone?), even if only for the architecture.

Arthurs Seat (Edinburgh, United Kingdom): I went to Edinburgh in early summer and regret not taking advantage of the not-totally-shit weather and making the trek to the amazing views offered by Authers Seat.

Cologne Cathedral (Cologne, Germany): I had about a day in Cologne and was too late to go up into the cathedral; I should have done my research! However, it was amazing to admire from the outside and from other further vantage points such as the other side of the Rhine.

Photo by Thought Catalog.


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