¡Sorpresa! en Madrid

This week, I surprised my boyfriend Diego at home in Madrid, Spain with the help of his mom and brother.

First, I contacted his older brother Ignacio as I was too intimidated to speak to his mom. After a few exchanges, he thought it would be better if I coordinated with her as he lives in Majorca. I contacted his mom so she would know to expect me and let me into their flat when I arrived.

I left from Gatwick on Monday and promptly arrived at their house in the early evening as they live close to the airport. I met Diego’s mom in the street and she buzzed me into the building where I knocked on the door for Diego to answer. He looked somewhere between confused and disappointed and I asked, “Aren’t you happy to see me?!” and once he came to we shared a few smooches. Here’s the video his mom took:

We caught up and spent some time at the pool in his flat complex before initiating phase two of the surprise…

His brother, who works in hotel business, got us into a hotel for Monday night, but wouldn’t tell me where. Once I arrived, he told Diego to take me to Hotel Puerta America, where Ignacio used to work and got us a screaming deal. Once we arrived, we got to choose our room amongst several uniquely designed floors.

We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and enjoyed free welcome drinks on the hotel’s terrace once the sun went down.

The next day, we regrouped at Diego’s house before hitting the city. We walked around the city to Palacia de Madird, Gran Via, Plaza Mayor, Mercado San Miguel, Retiro Park and most everything in between.

It was so flipping hot. I haven’t felt that kind of heat since living in Arizona and I don’t miss it at all.

On Wednesday, we took it easy for the final half day I was there and hung out by the pool and played video games.


Although not the most responsible thing I’ve done, it was so good to see Diego again and put my dissertation truly out of my mind if only for a few days. I can’t wait until he’s back in Brighton!



  1. August 9, 2018 / 9:52 pm

    Aww so sweet that his mom and brother helped you surprise him! The photos are all so beautiful!

  2. A.C.
    August 11, 2018 / 3:17 am

    Loved your video! What is Diego’s major/future plans? Wish you could “bring” him to Tucson for Christmas! He would LOVE it here!!!!


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