Music Monday: Ten “Perfect” Albums

There has been a post floating around on Twitter that has been getting a lot of attention asking people to name an album, any genre, that you think is 100% perfect – where you don’t skip one track.

I retweeted saying Revolutions Per Minute by Rise Against, but upon further thought, there are several albums that are “perfect” in my eyes.

Disclaimer: these are not my favorite albums. Confusing, I know. But, there are some less than amazing tracks on some of my favorite albums, but the other songs make up for it.

Additionally, there are some “perfect” albums that I could easily listen to all the way through, but don’t actively enjoy. For example, I consider By the Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers a perfect album, but I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking. Here is a (somewhat out of date) page of all the concerts I’ve been to.

Anyway, here we go:

Revolutions Per Minute by Rise Against (2003, punk). This was the first album that came to mind when I thought about “perfect” albums. Of course, I couldn’t not include my all-time favorite band in this list. Although it’s dangerously close to The Sufferer and the Witness, the tie breaker is probably the songs live. I would (and have) lost my mind every time they play something live from RPM. I have seen Rise Against live seven times, you can read about them all in this post. Favorite tracks: Blood Red White and Blue, Heaven Knows, Like the Angel


Rise Against live in 2014

Menos El Oso by Minus the Bear (2005, indie rock). I’m quite sad because this band recently broke up before I got the chance to see them live. Favorite tracks: Drilling, Horray

Fluorescent Youth by Conditions (2010, rock). This album never fails to lift my spirit and bring a tear to my eye. It’s simply so powerful. I was lucky enough to see them live in 2013 before they broke up. Favorite tracks: Better Life, Comfort Far Away


Me and Conditions in 2013

Born to Die by Lana Del Rey (2012, indie pop). Her voice is absolutely mesmerizing with such range. Favorite tracks: Video Games, Born to Die

Still Searching by Senses Fail (2006, post-hardcore). I couldn’t not include my other favorite band. My favorite album of theirs is undoubtedly Life Is Not a Waiting Room, but I feel this album is better well-rounded. I have actually seen this album in full during their anniversary tour in March 2017, where they also played my two favorite songs from Life Is Not a Waiting Room, so needless to say it was a perfect show. Favorite tracks: Cinco de Mayo, Mason’s Revenge, Calling All Cars, Bonecrusher


Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be by We Came as Romans (2011, metalcore). This is also a sad one: this band meant a lot to me in my teen years and the lead singer, Kyle, has recently passed away. I have seen them live a handful of times and even won a bit to bowl with them for charity in 2013. This album is now especially heavy since Kyle’s passing, but still as amazing. Joshua Moore is a lyrical genius. Favorite tracks: A War Inside, Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be, What I Wish I Never Had

Beggars by Thrice (2009, rock). Although I consider The Artist and the Ambulance “peak” Thrice (their subjectively best album), there is something I can’t explain that always draws me to this album over the others. I have seen them twice. I was actually meant to see them in London a few months ago but lost my ticket… bummer. Favorite tracks: In Exile, Wood and Wire, At the Last


Only Revolutions by Biffy Clyro (2009, alternative rock). I have been lucky enough to see this massive Scottish band in an intimate venue back home in 2017. Favorite tracks: That Golden Rule, Many of Horror, Booooom Blast and Ruin


Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys (2007, indie rock). Although I was only first introduced to them with their mainstream success of their self titled album, this album deserves more recognition. This album is a good bridge between their rougher, primitive old sound and their more tame and sometimes, sorry about it, watered down new sound. Again, not outright calling any of their work bad, just very different, but this album is certainly their best, even if Fluorescent Adolescent is overplayed at clubs. I saw them live in 2013. Favorite tracks: Do Me a Favour, 505, Balaclava


Everything Goes Numb by Streetlight Manifesto (2003, ska). An absolute gem of a debut album for this ska band which contains arguably their most powerful song, A Better Place A Better Time. This album is so high energy and yet thoughtful at the same time, truly one of a kind. I have seen them live twice. Favorite tracks: A Better Place A Better Time, A Moment of Silence, Here’s to Life



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