Goals update #03

Disclaimer: have very low expectations for this goals update. My dissertation took more time, energy and sanity from me than I expected and I’m still recovering.

Anyway, here is how my third term goals translated into reality:

  • Continue to work between 20-25 hours a week: I worked just enough, but had to take off a few extra days and refuse covering shifts to have enough time for my dissertation.
  • Continue to meet with an academic adviser once every other week: Did that. She was largely useless. Good with practical advice, but a bit disappointing with project-specific questions (“this isn’t my field”… then why did you agree to mentor this project? Ugh).
  • Travel to one new U.K. city: Diego and I went to Kew Gardens and Alyssa and I visited Stonehenge, so I’m counting those.
  • Stretch for five minutes everyday: Didn’t happen.
  • Cut back on cheese, dairy chocolate and soda: Didn’t happen either.
  • Read two books a month: Just about! I think my recent favorite is This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay.
  • Listen to new music (two albums a week): Done! My recent favorites are Hellions, Orchards and The National.
  • Complete a new T.V. series: I’ve been watching a lot of Wentworth, but still a few seasons from the end. I rewatched The Good Place if that counts?
  • Apply for two jobs a week: I have been too busy with dissertation until recently, but finding a job here seems unlikely due to immigration barriers. Sigh.
  • Blog for about five hours a week: Nope.
  • Watch more films: Somewhat. My recent likes have been A Quiet Place and Million Dollar Baby

Here are my goals for the next two months:

  • Work 40 hours a week
  • Travel to one new U.K. city
  • See a musical
  • Travel to one new country
  • Read two books a month
  • Complete a new T.V. series
  • Apply for five jobs a week (until mid-November)
  • Blog for 5-10 hours a week
  • Watch more films

Photo by Laura Cros.


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