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As it’s the last day of the year, I’ll be playing a big game of catch-up today cranking out a few blog posts about my year. For my final Year In installment, I will be reviewing my favorite musical discoveries (may not necessarily be released this year) since I made this post last (October 2017, so a year and a bit).

Here are my top album finds of the year more or less in order:

Meloncholia Hyms by Arcane Roots: I listened to this shortly after it came out in late 2017 and immediately fell in love. I saw them live twice since then and much to my dismay they broke up recently, but I look forward to whatever the members do next. Top tracks: Matter, Indigo, Half the World

Eternity, In Your Arms by Creeper: This is a band, again, I heard a lot of my Twitter friends talk about and they grew on me really quickly. I saw them at their “last show” in November, but we’ll see if that holds true. Top tracks: Black Rain, Suzanne, Down Below

The ’59 Sound by the Gaslight Anthem: I haven’t properly listened to them until my friend Lisa said she would visit me for their 10 year anniversary show of The ’59 Sound and that album is pretty much all I listened to for three months leading up to the show. Also, I bought the CD at the oldest record shop in the world, immortalizing this album in my heart forever. Top tracks: Old White Lincoln, Film Noir, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Rue by Hellions: I have seen some of my Twitter friends rave about them and I would to go as far as to say the approval they get is underrated. They are an incredible bands who I think (hope) have a very big future in front of them. Top tracks: Odyssey, The Lotus, X (Mwah), Get Up!

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Alright, Still by Lily Allen: My friend Lisa likes her a lot and man, why did I wait this long? This album started modern feminism.Top tracks: Smile, Not Big, Friend of Mine

Trouble Will Find Me by The National: My friend Alex gave me loads of great music recommendations this year, but this was my favorite. Top tracks: I Should Live in Salt, Sea of Love, Graceless, Pink Rabbits

Made of Bricks by Kate Nash: My coworker used to play a lot of Kate Nash at the pub and I couldn’t get enough. Top tracks: Foundations, We Get On, Merry Happy

It Never Goes Out by The Hotelier: My good friend Tom has raved about this band, but his music taste ranges from “what the hell?” to “this is the best band in the world”… thankfully, this is closer to the latter. Top tracks: Lonely Hearts Club, An Ode to the Nite Ratz Club, Still-Water Spectacle

Dreamhouse by Tides of Man: This year is a milestone for finally discovering Tilian Pearson and his amazing voice. I will certainly check out his other bands in 2019. Top tracks: Chemical Fires, Not My Love 2, Home

Honorable mentions: Everybody Down by Kate Tempest, Prequelle by Ghost, Here’s to the Fatigue by Press to MECO, Dispose by The Plot in You, Be The Cowboy by Mitski, TA13OO by Denzel Curry, Losers/Lovers by Orchards

And, of course, there was the coveted Spotify year wrap-up…

Screenshot (240)

I spend time listening to a lot different things, so songs on my top 100 playlist made it if I listened to them more than half a dozen times. With that, I’ll share my top 50 songs…

What music did you enjoy this year?

Photo by Natalie Perea.


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