Goals update #05

It’s that time again! To update on my previous goals and set new ones.

Here’s how my winter goals went…

  • Find a job, even if it’s just part-time: Yes! I got a part-time job at a movie theater.
  • Apply for 10 career jobs a week: I’ve been quite busy and haven’t applied to as many as I would like but probably applied to five a week on average. But there may not be a need to apply for more big girl jobs. More on that later…
  • Try the MeetUp app to make new friends: MeetUp was a total flop. There are few groups near me and hardly any my age. I hope to find another way to make friends out here.
  • Visit one new southwest state/ park: I went hiking with my cousins on Santa Cruz island! It was amazing.
  • Watch more classic films: Nope.
  • Read three books a month: I’ve read about seven books a month on average so far. Although I’ve hit a bit of a wall and am not loving the book I’m currently reading.

Now, here are some of my goals for spring:

  • Work 15-20 hours a week at my part-time job
  • Stay away from the snacks at work
  • Secure a full-time job
  • Hike once a month
  • Visit one new southwest state/ park
  • Read three books a month
  • Go to the gym three times a week
  • Meal plan and prep

I will update my goals at the beginning of summer!

What are your goals for the next few months?

Photo by Dimitry Anikin.


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