Mid-June Favorite Blog Posts

My favorite blog posts of the last month are coming a bit early as I leave tomorrow for Thailand for two weeks! With that, no promise of a solid post schedule, but you can look forward to reading all about my trip when I have time to write.

Here are my top five posts from all categories:

  1. A fetus does not try to “move away” during an abortion: With the new bills being proposed in the U.S., the abortion debate is as hot as ever. Along with a great video I watched on YouTube about the science of pregnancy, scientific literacy is so important when it comes to healthcare arguments.
  2. The best travel jobs around the world: I might be a bit biased, but I think the best one isn’t listed in this post (field work researcher). There are so many worldwide opportunities in my field (with field trips to Ecuador, South Africa, Egypt and Portugal in my degree alone) and also helps the planet.
  3. 10 local foods to try in Thailand: I can’t wait to get my hands on some weird and wonderful eats this week. Pray for my bowels.
  4. Sustainable menstruation: Although I’ve seen a handful of these posts throughout the year, this one was especially well-written and comprehensive. May or may not have bought a few cloth pads after reading it.
  5. Hiking the Himalayas: Everest has made the news again recently with its overtourism issue. However, I would one day like to make the trek to Base Camp.

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Photo by Andrew Knechel.


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