June In Review

During the first week of June, I finished my horrible movie theater job (good riddance), spent time with my family, including making the annual trip to the Pasadena craft market with my grandma, and preparing for my new job in Alaska that starts next week (read more about it here).

As you might have seen, I spent a wonderful two weeks in Thailand this month with my youngest brother, Ryan. I don’t want to make myself redundant, so here are the posts:


Ko Pha Ngan

LiveAboard: Phi Phi Islands


The day I got back from Thailand, my boyfriend Diego also arrived for a two-week visit. We have been playing tourist around L.A., visiting Zuma Beach, Universal Studios (I loved Harry Potter World), Hollywood (including Amoeba Records, Museum of Death and Griffith), Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and downtown L.A. For his birthday (which was on the 28th), we went go-kart racing (he won by 0.06 seconds) and saw a rooftop movie in Hollywood (The Big Lebowski, always laughs). We are leaving for my hometown today and look forward to enjoying a chance of pace.

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What I’m listening to: The Goat by Puppy, Chon by Chon, Social Hazard by Lotus Eater, The Aquabats vs the Floating Eye of Death! by The Aquabats, Why Do They Rock So Hard? by Reel Big Fish, Cuz I Love You by Lizzo, The Skeptic by Tilian

What I’m watching: Hot Girls Wanted, Black Mirror (season 5), Period. End of Sentence, Zombieland, About Time, Catch Me If You Can, Our Planet

What I’m reading: The only Reading Wrap-Up post published this month was #09. I’m about 5 books/ 1 post behind schedule for my reviews!


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