Six Big Trips I Want to Take

As you may have seen, I had the most amazing time in Thailand. I’ve wanted to do this trip for so long and am so grateful for the experience, but like any keen traveler, I can’t help but thinking: where to next?

Here are some long term (~2 weeks), more expensive trips I have in the back of my mind to take once I pay off my student loans in 70 years. (I drew some inspiration from my Scuba Diving Bucket List post, so check that out too!)

Iceland roadtrip: I have heard nothing but incredible things including from my personal friends who say it’s one of their all-time favorite places. There is so much diversity and I would like to explore it all on this relatively small island. I hope I can go here with my dad and brothers after they graduate next year.


Photo by redcharlie.

Dive master training: I would like to take a few weeks to get my dive master’s certification abroad. I know a lot of places offer the course for a discounted price if you work at the dive resort so that sounds like a really awesome deal! However, I am not dead set on any particular place to do it in, but Australia sounds most appealing at the moment.

African adventure: I had the time of my life in South Africa and would love to do it again. I would like to see some more national parks, Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls and scuba dive more on the east coast.


Photo by AJ Robbie.

Galapagos Islands: Another big scuba diving trip I would like to take is to the legendary Galapagos Islands. They are well-protected so trips are quite expensive, but I can imagine seeing all sorts of endemic species and habitats untouched by human hands will be well worth it.

Machu Picchu: I hate camping and am in no shape to hike such a long distance at the moment, but I’m determined for it to grow on me before I take this trip.


Photo by Eduardo Flores.

Live in another city (or two) for at least a month: When Jeopardy! record-breaking champion James was asked what he plans to do with his prize money, he said he wanted to travel around the world for a year but live in each city for a month to really soak in the culture, which sounds like quite the experience to me! I’d like to live in Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin or perhaps New York for an extended period of time to get the most of some of my favorite cities.

Finally, as an honorable mention, I am still on the fence about an Antarctica trip. It would be cool (pun intended), but nothing I feel I need to do at this time. Who knows, maybe living in Alaska will spark a love for remote work in the cold and I’ll land a job with the British Antarctic Survey or something and get there for free.

What big trip would you like to go on?


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  1. July 28, 2019 / 9:04 am

    Living in different cities for a short period of time sounds incredible. Just enough time to really get to know the place and the locals but not too long that you’re missing out on other cities. A win, win. Thanks for sharing your list!

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