Seattle, Washington

Saturday, 13 July: The first weekend after class, I spent the day exploring downtown. Naturally, my first stop was Pike Place Market and the nearby gum wall. The market was quieter than an average weekend, but still bustling. I got some really good Greek food and people-watched. Then, I went to the famous gum wall and made my contribution. Much to my surprise, it was more spectacular than disgusting. That night, my roommates and I had a night out in Capitol Hill hitting Unicorn and Chop Suey, a club I’m sure I’ll become more familiar with in the future.

Thursday, 18 July: To take a break, I visited Kerry Park and took in the views of the city. It’s called “postcard park” for a reason…

Saturday, 20 July: In the morning, our bunkhouse manager took us gear shopping in town to get the supplies we need for the job that we can’t check out from headquarters such as our own raingear, boots and good knives. She also took us around the harbor to see some boats similar to the ones we’ll be on and talk about her experience as an observer, it was really helpful! Later that night, my roommate Leone and I saw Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure at an outdoor screening in the park complete with street food and drinks. It was such a lovely evening.

Saturday, 27 July: Luckily, I got my assignment delayed so I can spend time with my dad and brother Kyle who were passing through Seattle on a northwest roadtrip! That afternoon, we hit Pike Place Market (a lot busier than when I was there and I got to flex my newly acquired fish identification knowledge), The Space Needle and Chihuly glass gardens. It was all spectacular, but the best part was seeing (part of) my family one more time before I headed out.

Sunday, 28 July: First thing in the morning, we took an underground tour of Seattle. Way back when, Seattle used to be what is now underground until new regulations and erosion called for a whole new city plan, leaving bits and pieces of what used to be shops underground. It was amazing, who knew Seattle had such an interesting history?! While my dad and Kyle went to a Mariner’s game, I went to Lake Washington with some friends. Nothing like swimming in the hot sun, drinking White Claws and shooting the shit with people you’ve come to know and love (for the most post). After the baseball game, we met in town for harbor tour, learning even more about the city’s past and present.


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  1. Charlene Redpath
    August 1, 2019 / 8:02 pm

    Beautiful pictures! It must be fun to live on the ocean after 20+ years of living in the Arizona desert.

    We Miss You! Love, AC

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