July In Review

As I mentioned in my June In Review post, my boyfriend Diego visited before I set off to work. With the week we had left, we hung out with my family in Tucson, visited La Jolla beach in San Diego (so many sea lions!) and we took our last few days together to unwind.

On the 7th, we both left: him back to Brighton and me to Seattle. For three weeks, I trained for my new job and spent some time exploring Seattle. I love Seattle, I’d love to live there someday, perhaps still working for N.O.A.A.

I requested my contract be delayed a few days so I could see my dad and brother on their roadtrip and that worked out swimmingly, especially since my coworkers who left first were delayed several days in Anchorage anyway.

I arrived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska a few days ago and it is beautiful here. There are bald eagles everywhere you look and humpback whales are really active in the bay. I love enjoying a nice drink and looking out on the water.

Today, I got my boat assignment and crossed paths with the departing observer who gave me some good tips. Although it’s an easy assignment, there’s no Internet, ugh! Luckily, the trips are only a couple days at a time so I can still blog when we are docked.

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What I’ve been listening to: Modern Ruin by Frank Carter, Balance, Not Symmetry by Biffy Clyro, It’s Not Me, It’s You by Lily Allen, Cold Case files podcast

What I’ve been watching: 13th, Abducted In Plain Sight, Zodiac

What I’ve been reading: Check out my most recent Reading Wrap Up post for the most recent (another post coming soon!)


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