Goals update #07

Here’s how my summer goals went…

  • During training: wake up two hours before class, use weekends to explore: Yes! I was really productive most days of my training and got to see a lot of Seattle both solo and with my brother and dad.
  • Read three books a month: As always, I’ve blown this out of the water, averaging about seven books per month so far this year.
  • Practice Spanish a few times a week: I didn’t have reliable Internet on my first boat, so I didn’t get the chance, perhaps on this boat and after my contract I’ll get back into the swing of things.
  • Message family and friends everyday: I thought this would be more of a chore than it really is, but I can get quite lonely out here so I look forward to my weekly calls home and messaging my other lonely observer friends when I’m at port.
  • Pay off some debt: Yes! I borrowed a few grand for my tuition from the government and paid it off in full with my first pay check. Now to start chipping away at the personal tuition loans from my dad… I reckon that will take more than one (or ten) paychecks.
  • Stretch a few times a week: It’s hard to stand much less do any kind of physical activity at sea, but I should really do some simple stretches, even just in bed, as my job is quite physically demanding and I don’t want to have a spent back at thirty years old.
  • Apply what I learn in training to do well at my job: I think I’m doing quite well so far. I haven’t gotten any real feedback yet from my bosses, but my captain and crew compliment me on how fast (and strong) I am compared to their past observers. Through the feedback I’ve gotten via e-mail, my methods and data entry seems to be nothing of concern and I have few errors, yay!
  • Blog for half an hour every other day: Again, not great Internet, but I’m able to more or less keep up when I’m in port. I do a lot of my writing (including this post) at sea and then publish when my connection is stronger.
  • Organize my laptop: I’m making good progress! I’ve organized a lot of my pictures so far.

Now, these fall goals will take us into the New Year as a scurry to meet all my goals for 2019. Can you believe it’s almost 2020?!

  • Read 70 books total in 2019
  • Practice Spanish everyday at port (and at home)
  • Continue to stay in touch with family and friends
  • Continue to pay off debt and save money
  • Stretch a few times a week
  • Organize my laptop
  • Bake and cook more often

What are your goals for the next few months?

Photo by Anastasia Fomina.


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  1. September 24, 2019 / 8:26 am

    Congrats girl! You are doing amazing with ll the goals you set! I love how they are attainable! Thanks for sharing! <3

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