Who’s one stranger you still remember?

Inspired by this video I saw a while ago talking about strangers you still remember, it got me thinking about a stranger in my own life that had a profound impact on me.

I never knew their names, or at least don’t remember. We’re not Facebook friends and hell, I probably wouldn’t even recognize them if I saw them again, but they have stuck with me all these years.

My one stranger I still remember is actually two strangers. It was one of my very first days in the U.K. back in 2015. It was a whirlwind: I arrived to Heathrow, was dropped off at my friend’s house in Worthing, travelled to Ireland and Denmark, came back to Worthing to get my stuff and then checked in to a hotel in Brighton. Before I moved into my accommodation and met up with my dad, I had tickets to a concert in north London: Brand New at Alexandra Palace.


I’ve been to Ally Pally quite a few times now and it’s never fun to get to even as an honorary local: National Rail, two tubes and a bus that are usually packed. Now, imagine navigating all that as a first-timer in London in peak hours.

I got to the venue alright and had a great time at the gig, but getting home is even harder trying to make the last train home, it still gives me anxiety. Luckily, I found the train and got settled in, but there was an announcement that the train was splitting, with one end going to east Sussex and the other going to west Sussex. I had no idea where I needed to be and which carriage I was on.

Two guys maybe in their late 20’s with a six pack on the table between them saw the lost look on my face and Brand New shirt and thought I was in need of some help. They offered that I was on the correct carriage headed for Brighton and to have a seat. with them We talked about gigs past, present and future I’m sure, but I can’t remember exactly.


Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett

But what I do remember is their kindness. I know it was a small gesture, but as a little lost girl in the big city, it meant a lot. I was told British people are cold and aloof but this changed my expectations entirely. These men were friendly, talkative (I’m sure the six pack had something to do with that) and eager to help. They definitely made my first time navigating London less intimidating and started out my year abroad on a fantastic note.

Who is one stranger you still remember?


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  1. October 8, 2019 / 1:43 pm

    I’ve not read a post like this before, but it’s a really interesting and quite endearing concept! It’s crazy to think of the impact (big or small) a stranger can have on our lives!

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