December in Review

After seeing friends and family in Tucson in November, I drove back to Los Angeles by way of the Salton Sea. This video gave me inspiration to visit the area again after not having been since a church trip in high school. First, I got a date shake in Westmorland and it was quite tasty! Then, I went to Salvation Mountain, but it was closed off because of the recent rains.

I drove to the Salton Sea but stupidly forgot cash to pay my way in, but thankfully the nice gatekeeper gave me a half hour for free. I walked along the beach covering in minute fish bones and went to the visitor’s center to find out more about the area. The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake with an interesting history and supports massive bird and fish populations even at such high salinity. As a nature lover, this story was especially captivating to me.

My last stop before I got home was TKB, the #1 restaurant in the nation. While I don’t think the food is the best in the nation (Ike’s Sandwiches are a much better local chain with better vegetarian and vegan options), their banana cream pie is to die for.

Photo on the right by TKB Bakery.

Then, I met up with my friend and coworker Leone in Anaheim for dinner before seeing Thrice at the House of Blues for their 10-year Beggars anniversary show. This is one of my favorite albums of all time and it was amazing to hear it live front to back.


I drove back to Arizona for the holidays by way of Phoenix, stopping to see my best friend Nolan before completing the drive to Tucson. My grandpa and step-grandma visited so I wanted to be around to help my dad with that.

While at home, I kept busy with a Friday the 13th tattoo, Christmas pantomime play (my favorite holiday tradition), a teddy bear toss hockey game (where after the first goal, you throw a donated stuffed animal onto the ice for children in need), hiking and of course hanging out with my family doing Christmas things. For Christmas, I got a new car stereo, Spotify membership, hard drive, hearing protection that doubles as Bluetooth headphones, books and some clothes. A very successful holiday indeed.

On the 27th, I drove back to Los Angeles to spend some times with my family and friends there before leaving for Mexico tomorrow! Hence, the early post. I will be in Cancun from the 30th-4th and Cozumel from the 4th-9th. I can’t wait to post about it! Until then, enjoy a few other posts I have queued and happy New Year!

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What I’m listening to: I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose by Bombay Bicycle Club, Magdalene by FKA Twigs, Bon Iver by Bon Iver, STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS by FEVER333, Fandom by Waterparks

What I’ve been watching: You (season 2), The Good Place (season 4), Betting on Zero, Broken (season 1)

What I’ve been reading: Check out my last reading wrap-up for the year as well as my Year in Books post!


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