2019 in Review

Happy (almost) 2020! I love looking back on my year and reflecting as we prepare for a clean slate.

In case you missed it, here are my posts about my year in books and all things entertainment.

Now, onto the play by play…

High points: going on my dream trip to Thailand, moving in with my grandma (and it keeps getting better!), starting my career with an interesting job, making new friends at my job

Low points: recovering from a tonsillectomy, adjusting to my new job, going through a break-up

Most popular blog posts:

  • Unpopular travel opinions: like my general unpopular opinion post, this one was a hit! You guys must really like a good ol’ fashioned rant.
  • Pros and cons of working remotely: I wrote this about a month into my new job and I think it got so many hits because I posted it on Facebook.
  • Reactions to my extreme job: see below.
  • 30 classics to read before 30: I might make some edits and updates to this list when my birthday month (April) comes around.

My favorite blog posts:

  • 2019 in books: reading (and reviewing!) so many books is one of my proudest accomplishments of the year and I had a lot of fun writing this post.
  • Reactions to my extreme job: I also had a lot of fun writing this post and explaining my job through other peoples’ eyes.
  • Brighton according to TripAdvisor: this post was a long time in the making and I’m a bit disappointed it didn’t get as many hits as I hoped. I really like doing typical tourist-y things wherever I am and suggest the best of the best or any hidden gems to visitors.
  • Seattle, Washington: my work brought me to the Pacific Northwest and I have fallen in love with Seattle. It was so special to sight see with my dad and brother, I’d love to live there eventually.
  • Five things I love about my hometown: I’ve grown more fond of my hometown and Arizona in general through the years now that I see how special it is. I hope to visit more of Arizona in 2020!

Now, for a summary of what I’ve done this year:

January: moved in with my grandma outside Los Angeles, saw Tiny Meat Gang and Senses Fail live.

February: saw Jack Whitehall and Senses Fail live, got a part-time job at a movie theater, went skiing at Mount High.

March: went to Knott’s Berry Farm and Santa Cruz Island with some family, went to a Los Angeles Kings game.

April: went skiing at Mount High, met my online friend Chandler, celebrated my 24th birthday seeing Architects, Blink-182 and Streetlight Manifesto live in Orange County.

May: visited Tucson for my brother’s graduation, saw Rise Against live, got my tonsils out, went to DragCon LA.

June: went to Thailand (Bangkok, Ko Pha Ngan and Phuket) for two weeks with my brother, played tourist around LA with my (then boyfriend) Diego.

July: visited San Diego and Tucson with Diego, trained for my new fisheries job in Seattle, played tourist with my dad and brother, got deployed to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

August: worked on my first boat offloading in Dutch Harbor.

September: worked on my second boat offloading in Akutan with a week in Sand Point.

October: spent a week in Seattle (saw Senses Fail and Marina and the Diamonds live) before going back to Alaska, offloading in King Cove

November: went on a short trip with my last boat, hung out in Kodiak, spent two weeks in Seattle before returning home to Los Angeles and Tucson.

December: explored some of Southern California (Salton Sea area), saw Thrice live, spent a few weeks in Tucson for Christmas, left for Mexico.

Stay tuned for a goals update as I set resolutions for 2020!

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Photo by Ian Schneider.


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  1. January 2, 2020 / 10:36 am

    What a great reflection post. You have had a busy and great year! I hope 2020 is an even better year for you! Thank you for sharing your photographs! Xx

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