Mid-April favorite blog posts

Science, sustainability and veganism

Aglio e olio recipe

Simulating and visualizing the Monty Hall problem

Store cup-board vegan fettuccine alfredo

Vegan creme egg recipe

How Netflix’s Tiger King reveals just how messed up wildlife tourism has become

General travel

Virtual tours around the world

10 museums you can visit online

How to travel without leaving home

Ultimate campsite packing gear guide

Travel destinations

Midnight in Bangkok, Thailand

12 best day trips in England

8 nights in Laos

24 very best things to do in New York

Solo in Cape Town: your complete guide

Two weeks of solo travel through New Zealand

Four nights in Lisbon travel diary

I’ve really been enjoying all of Kat Got Your Tongue’s Iceland posts!


To do: staying productive during lockdown

The best language courses you can take from home

15 subscription boxes you don’t want to miss

4 reasons to get dressed working from home

Good habits I have adopted during lockdown

How to host a trivia game night on Zoom


Signs you’re a book lover

15 chick flicks you need to watch on Netflix

Book review: The Animals at Lockwood Manor

Reasons to Stay Alive

Book review: The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

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