Best of 2020: all things entertainment

Time to share my favorite music and top five YouTube channels, T.V. shows and movies from the last year! The ones with the asterisk* have come out this year, all the rest I’ve only just discovered this year.

I made a separate post for my 2020 in books since I read more than I consume other media.

Here are the best of 2019, best of 2018 and a less complete best of 2017 posts for all things media.

Now, here are the rest of my media favorites…

Spotify wrapped

First thing’s first, my Spotify wrapped…

Marina Diamandis Doesn't 'Wanna Live in a Man's World Anymore' | Vogue

Minutes listened: 26,944

Top artist: Marina (top 0.5% of listeners)

Top artists: Enter Shikari, Minus the Bear, Marmozets, The National

Discovered 133 new artists this year

Here is my top 100 songs playlist…

Favorite albums

In order beginning with most favorite…

Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood: Everybody, run to listen to this album. I want to live inside it. I can’t recommend this enough, it’s so beautiful. Just thinking about how much I love this album brings tears to my eyes. Favorite tracks:

Currents by Tame Impala: I know I’m extremely late to the party. I listened to all his albums this year but this is one I keep coming back to. Every time I listen to it I find a new favorite song, it’s such a masterpiece. Favorite tracks: New Person, Same Old Mistakes, Love/Paranoia, Let It Happen

Hi, It’s Me by Ashnikko: All of Ashnikko’s work is probably my favorite all-around artist find of 2020. If you want music that makes you feel like a bad bitch, this is the one. I can’t wait for her first mixtape. Favorite tracks: Hi, It’s Me, Special

Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa*: She may have snapped with bringing 80’s vibes to this time. Favorite tracks: Break My Heart, Love Again, Levitating

Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers*: I’ll admit that I like Stranger in the Alps better, but I can’t deny the massive critical acclaim that this album has gotten. I’d love to see her be pushed even further into the mainstream and get the attention she deserves. Favorite tracks: Graceland Too, ICU, I Know the End

Honorable mentions: Lungs by Florence + the Machine, I Love You Like a Brother by Alex Lahey, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life by The Wombats, I Disagree by Poppy, Nothing Happens by Wallows, Cape God by Allie X

Favorite YouTube channels

Cody Ko: Are we surprised? Everything he uploads is gold, he’s too funny. He’s one of the few users I’ll rewatch their older stuff.

Kurtis Conner: Another shocker. I feel the same way about him as I do about Cody. Funny, genuine dudes.

iilluminaughtii (Blair): This is a new favorite. I started watching their anti-MLM videos but they also make great, well-researched content on other things I find interesting like the Stanford Prison Experiment, history of charities/corporations and more.

Read with Cindy: My favorite booktuber! So down to earth and who has taste most similar to mine.

Allison Anderson: A down-to-earth, personable lifestyle/travel YouTuber based in Seattle. I especially love their camping content.

Honorable mentions: Kiki Chanel, Paperback Dreams (Kat), Tiffany Ferg

Youtube application

Favorite T.V. shows

RuPaul’s Drag Race*: This is my go-to comfort show. I’ve seen each episode more times than I’d care to admit. I’ve been keeping up with most of its other spin-offs and new seasons!

Normal People*: I read the book last year and loved it and the show is no exception.

You*: I hated this first book, but I loved the first season and while the second second was shaky, I’ll definitely be keeping up with this show.

Big Little Lies: Like Normal People, I loved this book and it translated so well to screen. I’ve really enjoyed these domestic quasi-thrillers this year.

Little Fires Everywhere*: This would probably be my most recommended T.V. show this year. The most intricate of plots that makes you want to watch it all in one go.

Favorite documentaries

Trump: The American Dream: Everybody needs to watch this. It’s about Trump and all his business and personal failings and the early road to presidency. I didn’t realize he was such a pop culture icon in the 90’s and 00’s, it puts more in context how he’s come to be our (now former) president.

Evil Genius: This is probably the craziest story in true crime I’ve ever seen.

Athlete A*: I was in gymnastics growing up and this is about the horrid assaults by Larry Nassar and the brave women fighting back.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark*: I read the book and liked it okay and the series offered a lot more than the book did.

photography of Cinema

Favorite movies

Moulin Rouge: I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. Jukebox musicals are my shit.

Parasite: This movie is absolutely worth the hype. I hope this opens the door for Korean films to become more mainstream in the U.S. as my favorite movie (Old Boy) is Korean!

Borat Subsequent Film*: The first movie is a comedy classic and the second film is a great follow-up. Check out this video essay on why this movie worked so well in 2020.

Can’t Buy Me Love: Not a new all-time favorite or anything, but I was so pleased to see this took place in Tucson!

Inglourious Basterds: I know I’m late to the party. While I’m not a massive Tarantino fan, I’m all for scalping Nazis.

What were your favorite shows, movies and music this year?

Photo by Myke Simon.


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